Checkout these new features on whatsapp now.


Whatsapp is seemingly attached to our lives and its the main source of communication for many, it even rose higher than calls and any other form of social media. Whatsapp releases update all round the year and it only gets better every time, making our texting life easier by the day. It introduced end to end encryption, video and voice chat over the years and we couldn’t wait to see what next. So, a new version of WhatsApp has been released and download now to enjoy some pretty amazing features which are mentioned down below.

Whatsapp by Facebook tag

Facebook had purchased  WhatsApp back in 2014 and now they want to rename all their products so that the general public might know all their alliances. The new name for WhatsApp is ‘WhatsApp by facebook’, while this is a long long name and wouldn’t be shown on the mobile menu card but one can view it under settings.

Fingerprint lock


Who wants their WhatsApp message seen by somebody else, nobody, right? So, what we do is we protect it with long and heavy passcode but that over now. Whatsapp has added the fingerprint security feature, which was long due. The feature comes with three options to lock the phone and they are either immediately, after 1  minute or after  30 minutes of inactivity. The message preview window comes with an option to hide and one can still reply from the notification shade as earlier.


Frequently forwarded messages

There is an array of fake news spread via WhatsApp and to stop that, the company has developed a new feature. If you receive a message that is forwarded many times to a vast group of the audience then instead of ‘forwarded’ tag, it will have a ‘frequently forwarded’ tag attached to it. This may help identify fake news that is spread over to manipulate people’s mind in the wrong way as we have seen earlier.

Enhanced Voice message playback

We all have that someone on the other end who like to send bulk voice notes and it becomes a hectic task to open and listen to all of them manually.  WhatsApp has addressed this problem and came up with a pretty simple but intuitive solution. The voice notes in line will automatically play once you hit the play button on the first note and that’s something entirely new in the updates lineup of WhatsApp.

The updates are released for both the Android and IOS version of the App, we can expect some other great updates in the coming time but for now, the social networking gaint is near perfection when we talk about its domain.

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