Follow These Steps to Disable WhatsApp Notification on Lock Screen


Remember that moment when you hand over your phone to your parents for some reason and you could hear your heart pounding and it is about to explode because you are worried that they might read your WhatsApp messages from the notification bar even though your phone is locked? If this has happened to you then for the next time you can save yourself and if not then it is better not to let this happen once. You can disable WhatsApp notification by following a number of simple steps.

Disable WhatsApp Notifications

Apple iPhone users do not need this procedure as they have an option in their WhatsApp App to disable the preview option. Whereas, Android users have to turn off their phone’s setting option.ALSO READ: How to Record Your WhatsApp Call. Detailed Guide For Android and iOS

Whenever iPhone users turn off or disable the preview option, then WhatsApp will only show the name of the sender and a text will appear in the notification bar, that is, “Message”. But this won’t happen with Android users as soon as they will turn off their WhatsApp preview option from the settings.

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Steps to disable/turn off WhatsApp messages preview on the lock screen for Android users:
1. Go to settings
2. Select the “Apps and Notifications” option and then look for the WhatsApp app in the list
3. After tapping on WhatsApp App, you will see the “Manage Notifications” option.

4. Toggle off “Allow Notifications”. Once you have done that, you won’t be able to see WhatsApp notifications neither in the notification bar nor on the phone’s lock screen.

If you don’t want to disable notifications but want them to be hidden in the notification bar then there is an easy way to do this. You can simply disable WhatsApp’s ‘High Priority’ option by opening settings, followed by notifications. The main function of this feature is that it pushes the WhatsApp notifications on the top even though you have numerous notifications in the notification bar. Once this feature is turned off then the messages won’t appear on the top, they might be somewhere in the middle and mixed up with other notifications. But still, you will not prefer this if you really want your private messages to remain out of your parent’s reach.

Steps to disable/turn off WhatsApp messages preview on the lock screen for Apple iPhone users:
1. Go to settings which is available on the bottom right corner of your screen
2. Select ‘Notifications’
3. Disable/turn off the ‘Show Preview’ option
This makes life easy for those who want their private life to be hidden from others.

Following these steps to disable WhatsApp notification easily.

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