WhatsApp Upcoming Features: No More Straining of Eyes

Facebook-owned Whatsapp upcoming features are quite to look up to. Whatsapp is known to add a tonne of features in their instant messaging app, every now and then. Earlier this week, some new renders have shown up on the internet regarding some new features. Some of these updates are modifications of the previous ones while others are quite new. 

As per the latest reports of WAbetainfo(WhatsApp news for iOS, Android, and Windows), the WhatsApp upcoming update might be considering adding more colors in the Dark Theme feature. Adding to this feature could be the Search By Date feature, Whatsapp call on Web, Storage Usage Section, and Whatsapp-Messenger Rooms.

Let’s take a good look at some of the WhatsApp upcoming features in 2020

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New Search By Date Feature

This feature will allow the user to search a particular message or a thread of messages by the date. As per the screenshots released by WABetaInfo, you can easily find a calendar icon on the bottom right of the messaging dialog box.

Though the screenshot is available for the version of Whatsapp for iOS. For the Android user, a search option may be directly provided in the top bar. The Search By Date feature is in the early stages of testing and could be expected in the latter part of the month. 

Add Colors in the Dark Theme

Early in 2020, Whatsapp was spotted to release a Dark Theme mode in their new update. Since then, some beta users have come across the feature and the mode was not released officially. Now, with these screenshots, it is easy to find that this news might be true.         

Another screenshot shared by WABetaInfo shows that there would be a positive color change that would help the eye strain of the user when they will access the app in a low-light environment in the upcoming WhatsApp update. In the images, the grey, bright yellow, and green colors are visible.  

 Adding more to the Dark Theme, the source also said that the feature might be upcoming in the new 2.2025.5 Update. Once the mode is enabled, users can enable this feature by clicking WhatsApp Settings > Theme. This feature-update is currently under the alpha phase and would be coming soon. 

Calling On Whatsapp Web and Messenger Rooms

WAbetainfo has also shared the fact that users could now voice and video call on the Whatsapp Web mode. The feature, which is planning to integrate the “Group Video Call” feature, will be available for both iOS and Android. Adding to this feature is the “Group Meeting Calls”. 

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Earlier this month, it was revealed that Whatsapp might be joining the app with the Messenger Rooms. The coalesce would allow users to connect up to 50 members on a video call. This update is quite good as it would give tough competition to other video calling apps such as Zoom and Google Meet. 

Redesigned Storage Usage section

Finally, we have the redesigning in the storage device section. In this new feature, users will now get a view list of all the send/received files via messaging. The option is called the “Forwarded Files” option and will be present in the Storage Usage section. 

This feature will also allow the user to sort the files by size, date, and modification time. Not only does this mean that you can point out the files at a particular day or time, but you can also delete any unwanted images, videos or files, permanently from the app itself. 

Here are the top Whatsapp updates you can expect in the upcoming months. These updates are in the testing phase right now. Users can expect these updates to roll out in the upcoming months. 

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