Five Foods You Need to Keep the Summer Tolerable.


With the summer of 2021 bidding us an early hello, people across the country are switching on fans and heading indoors. With the calamity of climate change that melts popsicle and polar ice cap alike, we’re left searching for how to cool our own bodies while Earth heats up. A natural way to do that is some foods that bring down your body’s thermostat.

Here are a few of foods to help you in summer!!

Five Foods You Need to Keep the Summer Tolerable.

1. Cucumber

A cucumber is nature’s cup of cool water on a summer day! With applications going beyond salad’s, this Persian vegetable is ultra-hydrating, maintaining our body’s osmotic balance. In addition to this, it’s filled with antioxidants and has no fat.

2. Mint

Packed with an abundance of antioxidants and refreshing minerals, mint or pudina as we desi Indians call it will bring the extra joy of freshness to your life. It is a healthy addition to any meal and would make the skin glow by providing a good flow of digestion and immunity that your body needs. It can be used in various foods, ranging from chutney, biryani, curry to almost all Indian as well as foreign cuisines.

3. Nimbu Pani

When life gives you a lemon, you make lemonade, sir. Nimbu Pani is filled with antioxidants and other nutrients that are required to cool down the body and increase metabolism. Additionally, drinking it raw without sugar helps in relieving kidney stone pains. This is a go-to drink for a refreshing feel that comes with the additional benefit of boosting up our immunity. 

4. Melons

As we all know, the Melon family is huge. From Muskmelon to Watermelon to cantaloupes, they are all packed with yummy, plumpy nutrients that one would be salivating for. These Melons are what makes the summer tolerable. Excellent addition for dehydration, Melons keep our stomach chill and digestion going smooth and free. 

5. Curd

This probiotic cup of decadent, delicious cold treat is a healthy portion of food for gut irritation and high blood pressure. Easily added to any dish, curd can be consumed in different scrumptious recipes. Pair it with your daily meals at least once a day for a good and healthy lifestyle.

With these natural foods, you can beat the summer that keeps your body’s thermostat down.

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