Ghee Or Coconut Oil, Which one is Better For Weight Loss?


Are you sapped and drained of a special weight-loss diet and regular exercises to reduce that one inch of tummy fat or flappy hands? Then this article is for you.

Remember, restricting your food intake and eating only the correct type of food will not take you far. We can consume all kinds of food, but we must use only those healthy, nutritious ingredients and promote weight loss to cooking them.

While many of us have moved to refined, wood-pressed oil, we’ve forgotten about the natural sources of oils available from decades back, which were traditionally used for healthy cooking.

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With the modern weight-loss programs in roll, everyone is excluding fats vital for the vitamins to our body.

ghee and coconut oil

Rich in minerals and multi-vitamins, both Ghee and Coconut oil are extremely good for a healthy and easy weight-loss. The natural fats in them are not harmful and promote weight-loss by eliminating fat in our system.

The MCT properties in Ghee and Coconut oil accelerate the ketosis process in our body and generate weight-loss. But which is more efficient and faster in helping with weight loss?

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  • Coconut oil

Coconut oil is not just magical for your skin and hair. It contains medium-length chains of fat called triglycerides which aids in easy digestion and naturally increases our metabolism without any harmful synthetic chemicals acting up. Coconut oils are also famously used for the traditional practices of oil pulling.

This method clears out any toxic guests in our body and ailments that induce weight-gain. Additionally, coconut oils are thermogenic that naturally instigate weight-loss upon consumption. Although it might take time to get used to its flavour, remember, this oil is not just good for weight-loss, but they also carry anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties.

  • Ghee

Packed with wholesome nutrients and benefits, Ghee is indigenous to India. Loaded with a good amount of fat-soluble vitamins such as A, D, and K, Ghee has a high smoke point that allows the fat to be broken down healthily and is excellent for cooking. With no traces of Casein in it, Ghee proves to be a pure form of fat, making it an ideal option for dairy intolerant people. Additionally, it also helps in easy gut irritation and digestion.

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  • So, which one is the one for you?

Both coconut oil and Ghee are loaded with benefits. The choice differs according to one’s history and dietary preferences. Coconut oil is slightly higher in calories than Ghee and is sweeter, while Ghee is neutral and packed with the same nutrients like coconut oil.

However, Coconut oil may be the best shot for all vegan enthusiasts as it has no traces of dairy in it.

While many assume the high saturated-fat content in Coconut oil cancels out its weight-loss effects, studies have proved it wrong, and in-fact, proven that coconut oil works faster than Ghee.

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At the end of the day, what matters the most is consuming these natural fats in moderation.

Large consumption of even healthy products leads to unfavourable outcomes. Moreover, for optimum weight-loss, one must always include a healthy work-out plan that would increase weight loss.

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