These 7 lifestyle changes will help you stay healthy and safeguard your mental health


Simple lifestyle changes can result in significant boost up of your mood as well as your mental health. These lifestyle changes help you secure a life that is healthy. Living a sedentary life leads to weight gain and affects the body negatively by impacting our mental health.

7 Lifestyle changes that will improve your mental health


Factors like amount or quality of food, amount of exercise, alcohol and tobacco consumption and access to a safe and healthy environment affect mental health immensely. 

These lifestyle changes will help you stay healthy and safeguard your mental health:

  1. Physical activity has a positive impact on brain functions along with the other bodily functions. It protects us against psychiatric and neurological disorders. Exercise has mental, social and physical benefits. It reduces the risk of contracting disorders like hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, and diabetes etc. by enhancing our immunity. These lifestyle changes results in the release of hormones, which provide a boost to our mood.
  2. Exercise increases the brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) which enhances cognitive abilities and drives away depression. This factor is present in anti-depressants. Any form of exercise proves to be healthy for the human body. 
  3. Dietary modifications are required as they help us with our mood, mental and physical health. What we eat is an essential part of how we feel or behave. Healthy diet helps you stay calm and happy, and lowers the risk of encountering diseases like high cholesterol etc.
  4. With the right diet included, it is also necessary to gain all the vital nutrients from external sources. Taking supplements helps gain essential nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin D, folic acid etc. Omega-3 is considered essential as it friends off mental ailments like schizophrenia and depression
  5. Consumption of alcohol and tobacco has a negative effect on the body and mental health. 
  6. Stress management prevents the exhaustion caused by our daily life. These lifestyle changes are essential in order to lead a peaceful life. 
  7. Find a hobby. They help divert the mind from unnecessary stress, and keep us active mentally, physically and socially. 


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