Deadly Cancer Chemicals Found in Golgappa: FSSAI Issues Urgent Warning – What You Need to Know Before You Eat!

FSSAI issues warning regarding the water used in Golgappa


Golgappa, also known as Pani Puri, is a beloved street food that makes everyone’s mouth water at just the mention of its name. From children to adults and the elderly, everyone enjoys the taste of Golgappa. However, a startling piece of news has recently emerged regarding this popular street food.

Deadly Cancer Chemicals Found in Golgappa: FSSAI Issues Urgent Warning – What You Need to Know Before You Eat!

What’s the Story?


The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) recently collected 260 samples of Pani Puri from roadside vendors and high-end restaurants in Karnataka. The results of these samples were shocking. According to a report by Deccan Herald, 41 of the collected samples were found to contain artificial colors, leading to increased levels of cancer-causing elements in the Golgappa water. This means that the Pani Puri water contained carcinogenic chemicals.

Moreover, the report further revealed that 18 other samples were of poor quality, making them completely unsafe for consumption. Additionally, several samples were stale, posing a risk of food poisoning and other serious health issues. Overall, 22 percent of the Pani Puri samples failed to meet FSSAI quality standards. The chemicals found included Brilliant Blue, Sunset Yellow, and Tartrazine, which can cause various health problems.

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How to Identify Safe Water?

To determine if Golgappa water contains artificial colors, you can look for specific signs. Typically, Pani Puri water is made from tamarind or coriander and mint. Tamarind-based water is light brown, while coriander-mint water appears deep green. If the tamarind water looks excessively red or brown, it likely contains artificial colors.

Additionally, the taste of this water may be slightly bitter, and consuming it might cause immediate throat and stomach irritation. It’s best to avoid drinking such water. For better health, consider consuming homemade Pani Puri.


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