Dislike Apples? here are 8 other healthier fruits to keep you fit and fine

Dislike Apples? here are 8 other healthier fruits to keep you fit and fine

We have all heard the phrase, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away,” countless times in our lives. Yet we are unwilling to eat apples regularly and become prone to many diseases. However, what if I tell you that you avoid apples without being prone to illness. Today we have created a list of alternatives for apples. These fruits will help you replenish many vitamins and minerals, which are essential for survival.

Here are 8 alternative fruits for apples:

1- Blueberries


Blueberries are loaded with fibre and phytonutrients. Dietitians worldwide prefer this fruit over others due to its highly beneficial components. It contains antioxidants that fight off the damage to your cells. Some studies suggest that blueberries can also help in the fight against cancer. The fruit is also associated with creating a better memory retention system for humans. Lastly, it tastes lovely, so nothing about this fruit will bother you.

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2- Pomegranate

You must have heard doctors recommend pomegranate juice to sick people to fight off various diseases. Generally, pomegranate is considered one of the best sources for maintaining an ample blood level in the body. The fruit contains nutrients which can help in reducing stress and inflammation. Furthermore, it can also help remove the bad cholesterol, which can boost people’s heart health.

3- Banana

Bananas are the most recommended fruit by bodybuilders and gym trainers. This fruit can help you gain weight if consumed regularly. Moreover, it packs potassium, magnesium and vitamins, which are great for the human body. Lastly, you just have to peel it to start eating the fruit. There is no such hassle of removing seeds or cutting them up into small pieces before eating.

4- Orange

Oranges are widely available and are one of the most popular fruits for their versatile nature. The fruit contains antioxidants that are useful for reducing inflammation in the body. Consuming oranges regularly can help maintain an optimum blood and sugar level. Also, the fibre present in this fruit is highly beneficial for humans. Lastly, the savoury and sweet taste of the fruit is a perfect combination.

5- Mango


The king of fruit has to be on this list. Mango is sweet and a delight to eat in summer. Moreover, the pickles made from unripe mangoes go with almost all the Indian dishes. One will be surprised to know that even though the fruit contains high amounts of sugar, it can leave a few positive impacts on the body when consumed within a limit. The fruit contains fibre, folate, antioxidants and potassium.

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6- Pineapple

Who does not love pineapples? The fruit tastes heavenly when black salt sprinkles are added to it. Pineapple contains enzymes which are helpful in boosting the digestive system of human beings. Also, the antioxidants and anti-inflammatory components of the tropical fruit make it one of the best alternatives to apples.

7- Strawberry

A fruit that can be eaten effortlessly without performing any cutting or chopping. Strawberries are generally sweet in nature, but the GI index of the fruit is shallow, which makes it an option for even diabetic people. Strawberries are rich in antioxidants, vitamin c and manganese.

8- Watermelon

The favourite fruit during Summers worldwide, Watermelon packs a high amount of water, making it ideal for consumption in the scorching heat. Watermelon has many benefits associated with it. The fruit contains various vitamins and antioxidants, making it one of the healthiest fruits. Also, the GI index of watermelon is shallow, which works in favour of people suffering from chronic diseases.

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