The Right Hand Rule Of Eating Fruits Correctly


Why do we need rules for eating something as simple as fruits? Isn’t any and every way of eating them helpful, nutritious, and correct?

Well, these are nothing but misconceptions. To get the full richness and nutritional value from a particular fruit, it is necessary to consider what nutritionists have to say. Only then can we reap all the benefits from eating healthy.


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What Do Nutritionists Say?

One extraordinarily well-known and informative celebrity nutritionist, Rujuta Diwekar, recently posted a video on her Instagram stating the basic three rules one should follow while eating fruits.

In her caption, she wrote:

Eat them solo, don’t mix them up

First meal, mid-meal, post-workout

Chew them, don’t juice them

Apart from these main rules, she also said that it is better if one eats seasonal fruits using their hands instead of a fork or any other type of utensil.

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Why Are These Rules Necessary?

To implement any rule in our life, we need to understand the reasoning behind it. Here’s why the above-stated rules should be followed:


1. Importance of Fruit Typing

Why are we not supposed to mix fruits? The reason is simple and repeated multiple times:

This is due to something called ‘fruit typing.’ It is part of the concept of food combining, which essentially means that various foods digest at different rates, and eating a mix of several types of food can be harmful.

It’s harmful as it can lead to fermentation in the digestive system, cause bloating, and have a slim chance of causing bacterial imbalances.


2. Improving Effectiveness of It’s Benefits

Fruits like bananas, berries, dates, etc., make a great post-workout snack to help you replenish energy. This is due to their rich vitamin, iron, calcium, and potassium content. There’s a common misconception that as long as you’re eating healthy, you can eat whenever. This is highly untrue and harmful! You should never eat fruits along with lunch or dinner, but in-between meals.

Luke Coutinho, a doctor of alternative medicine and founder of the health start-up Pure Nutrition, says, “If you want to eat healthy, what matters is how much of what you eat is absorbed by your body. Tea and coffee have substances like tannin and caffeine that hinder the absorption of the nutrients you find in fruits like bananas and chikoos. In fact, fruits are best absorbed on an empty stomach, early in the morning, as a snack between two meals, or before or after a workout to refuel your body.”


3. Eating It Correctly

It is essential not to juice fruits and chew them instead, as 25-30 percent of a fruit’s nutritional benefits like vitamins and minerals lie in its skin.

Hope this helped and will make your healthy eating practices even better!

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