Diet Soda Health Studies: Is It Really Better Than Normal Soft Drink Or Not?


Diet Soda Health Studies:

Everyone has tasted it and if not, why not? These bubbly diet drinks add more energy to your body than they could for calories. They taste sweet, flavored with good-tasting sweeteners, and add much less calorie or tummy fat to yourself. 

But in recent days, many new researchers have found that consuming a good amount of these “Health Beneficiary Drinks” could act as a gateway to many diseases for your body. While many regular drinkers show no signs of stopping, it is a hot topic to converse. 

In the below article, we will be sharing the basic ideas of diet sodas, their pros, and cons and bust some myths related to these sweet-tasting canned drinks. Let’s begin with what it is. 

Diet Soda Health Studies


What Is A Diet Soda?

Diet soda is a mimic form of soda that tastes like a traditional soda but comes with low or sometimes, no sugar content. They contain some confirmed sweeteners and preservatives including Aspartame and Saccharin in them.

Having low sugar content makes a diet soda an ideal choice for losing weight. Many gym-goers choose diet soda as a part of their intermittent fasting. Not only does it provide balanced calorie content but it keeps your current status in control. 

Is Diet Soda Bad For Health?

Diet soda is a never-ending debate topic related to health risks?. While many reports suggest that these drinks do pose health damage to our body and should be stopped permanently, many studies show the alter results to such problems. 


Links with Diabetes

Taking a note, diet soda does have some weird connections with them. These drinks can relate to certain health issues such as Type-2 diabetes and heart problems. Diet soda contains a percentage of caffeine in them which could coax the excess calcium out of your bones. 

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Another factor that researchers do find is that frequent diet soda drinkers are more obese. This fact, generally speaking, could not relate to the drink but connects what you may be eating along with it. It could be a burger, fries, or pizza. 

In general, we can pose the fact that people who regularly drink soda may be more likely to eat certain types of food, which may cause health risks. These habits, if came with another drink such as regular water, would affect the same. 


Hormonal Imbalance

Lastly, drinking diet drinks could lead to the production of dopamine in your body. That is why your body craves for more if you consume it more than average. Further than that, no links have been found to any major issues with it. 

So, while there are plenty of reasons to avoid diet soda, let us now look at some health benefits of them. 

Health Benefits of Diet Soda


Curb Your Sugar Intake leading to weight loss

Diet soda does not directly provide any major health benefits. But looking over some facts point out some major details. One such important aspect is that it offers a way for people to reduce their consumption of sugary beverages.

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Such drinks contain less percentage of sugar and deliver a noticeable amount of sugar to the gut. Those who want to focus on weight loss and balance their Body Mass Index (BMI) should consider them drinking.


Increase Your Appetite

One major advantage/ disadvantage that you may experience is that drinking such drinks could gain you more weight. Even if you are drinking it, you are consuming fewer carbs and low sugar for your body. This way, you are consuming but not enough to make it last longer. 

Your brain receptors will start noticing the fact and will provide alarms for you to gain more than the current intake. People who are underweight or want to gain mass, but lack the motivation could go with this one simple step. 

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Consuming such carbonated drinks are a path to point of confliction. Some sources suggest to drop them while some support them. You can choose water, carbonated water, or juicy drinks also. Lastly, It is on you to analyze and decide how your body reacts to a certain amount and then move forward. 

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