Tulsi Tea: your new bestfriend for losing weight.


Tulsi has been one primary plant from the viewpoint of an Indian national, whether it be honoring one of the Indian gods, making masala tea, or Indian soap opera, Tulsi never failed to mark its presence. With that being said, now we have a new way one can use Tulsi for the benefit of their health. Tulsi tea is going to be your new partner in crime helping you with your weight loss goals.

The first thing that individuals stumble upon for their weight loss program is, Green Tea and well, green tea has shown a lot of proven results in the past but that doesn’t mean it will never get competition. Tulsi has been used as a medicinal herb ever since the ages of rishi munis and even if you are a non-believer of Indian mythology, just check out the benefits of Basil leaves (Tulsi leaves).


How does Tulsi help weight loss?



The Tulsi leaves kick our metabolic system and makesit goes in an active state, in turn, speeding up the whole process of metabolism. The faster your metabolic rate is the greater the number of calories you’ll burn and the more calories you’ll burn the more chiseled out you look.

What is required to brew Tulsi Tea?



This might sound hilarious but it doesn’t require anything other than Tulsi leaves and 1 cup of water. Yes, we were also as amazed as you were and why we shouldn’t after all every average Indian has these two ingredients present in their own homes for as long as they can remember.

How to brew Tulsi Tea?



The procedure is simple as it gets, all you have to do is add Tulsi leaves into boiling water and let it brew until a soothing kind of aroma arose from the mixture. Take out the leaves by the use of a stainer and then pour out your healthy Tulsi tea in a tea mug. Add Honey as a topping and adding honey might seems not good as it has sugar content but honey mixed with warm water is aged formula for weight loss, so no need to doubt the intentions of sweet sweet honey.

Also, if you are not a person who likes to brew or cook stuff even a little then alternatively, soak the Tulsi leaves in a glass of water overnight and drink that the next morning.  That seems easy, right?

Losing weight is a process that requires unparalleled willingness to stick to one’s regime and still, some chances the result might not show up or may take years to spot a difference. But you’ve got to be sticking to your routine and what to fear, you have your best friend Tulsi by your side.


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