Yoga Asanas For International Yoga Day


The International Yoga Day has been celebrated annually on 21 June since 2015, following its inception in the United Nations General Assembly in 2014. Yoga is a physical, mental, and spiritual practice that originated in India. Yoga Day 2020 is around the corner and you might want to know about some yoga poses.

During this time of the year when everyone is forced to live indoors, mental and physical health have become more vulnerable. Our routine, starting from fresh mornings to the energized evenings, is highly compromised and the daily cycle is completely changed.

To tackle such morning boredom and bring back our strong mental and physical health, yoga is one of the best ways to improve your immediate health. It helps us reap good benefits for our body and holistically enhance our body health.

And the best part: you don’t have to be any “Yoga Guru” to start doing it. So to help our readers out, we have picked out top yoga asanas or poses which are easy to do in your home and bring the best result in their return. Let’s get them one by one. 

Yoga Day 2020


Vrikshasana brings a positive response to your mental health. To do Vrikshasana:

Stand straight. 

Now, bend your right leg and bring it off the floor. 

Next, hold your foot with your hands and place the sole on the uppermost part of the inner thigh of the left leg. 

Then, stretch your hands in the air your head and join them in a ‘Namaskar’ pose. 

Make sure your back is straight and your face is straight, facing forward.

Breathe normally as you hold the posture

Hold the posture for 30 seconds. 

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For better mental growth, perform Tadasana. 

Stand with your feet together, keeping your back straight. 

Join your palms together by interlocking them.

Next, inhale and lift your arms and stretch them. Your palm should face outwards. 

Now, look up and gently put your head on your right shoulder. 

Hold for 5-10 seconds. Repeat 2 times by changing the shoulder. 


Vajrasan is highly recommended to reduce breathing problems. 

Stand straight. 

Now, bring your knee and your lower body on the ground.

Next, let your body make a sitting position by bringing your pelvis on your feet. 

Then, place your hands on your lap and relax your body. 

Breathe normally as you hold this posture



Santolanasana is the best if you aim for strong immunity and good body posture. 

Lie on your stomach.

Place your palms under your shoulders and lift your upper body, similar to a push-up posture.

Hold your toes on the ground for a strong grip. 

Keep in mind that your knees, pelvis, and spine should be aligned.

Make sure your palms are straight down to your shoulders.  

Hold the final posture for 30 seconds.


Anulom Vilom

Anulom Vilom brings energy to your body through breathing.

Sit in a comfortable position.

Keep your spine straight, your head up and face facing forward. 

Keeping your shoulders relaxed, put your thumb on your right nostril. Gently breathe in air from your left nostril and close it. 

Release the air from the right nostril by closing

Repeat the cycle by interchanging the nostrils.  

So get in your yoga pants with that yoga mat on this International Yoga Day 2020 and start your fitness journey, which will surely bring goodwill to your mental and physical health and thus stabilize your daily routine. 

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