Cutting Down The Intake Of Sodium Can Reduce Various Health Risks


Sodium is a very important part of our daily diet. All of us consume sodium in its most common form called salt. And cutting down the intake of sodium can also be very helpful. 

Now, imagine what would your food taste like without salt? You can guess how tasteless your food will become, right? Salt improves and adds taste to our food. 

Intake Of Sodium
Intake Of Sodium Risks

Why Is Sodium Important For You?

The main question is why is sodium important for our body? Sodium is necessary because it helps in the proper functioning of our bodies. 

According to a report, our body needs about 5 grams of sodium intake o a daily basis to function properly. Furthermore, for an adult, less than 5 grams of sodium is recommended. 

For children, on the other hand, consumption may vary according to their needs. 

Now, just become our bodies require sodium consumption of excess of it is also not good. If you consume an excess amount of sodium, you are at a high risk of developing many illnesses and weaknesses. 

Sodium is needed by our body to maintain fluid balance. Additionally, sodium helps improve the nervous system and muscle function as well. 

Improvement Of Health Issues If You Are Cutting Down Intake Of Sodium

Sodium is really important for our body’s functioning. And cutting down on sodium can cause many health risks as well. 

Here are a few health risks that may occur if you are cutting down the intake of sodium .

Heart failure

According to a report in The Lancet, if you reduce the intake of sodium then you have less heart failure. So, it is advised to heart patients that they cut down their sodium intake. 

Now, this does not mean that their heart-related problem will be solved immediately, but this can cause some improvement in their symptoms. The reduction of sodium can reduce swelling, fatigue and coughing in heart patients. 

Coronary Heart Attack

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), eating food with high sodium content can cause a risk of high blood pressure, heart attack and even stroke, 

Additionally, the US health agency has also said that almost 5 Lakhs deaths are caused each year because of the high intake of sodium in their body. And, this can be prevented if you just reduce your sodium intake. 

A high intake of sodium can also increase the risk of damage to the coronary arteries. Moreover, the damage to coronary arteries may lead to the growth of plaque, and an increase in fat, cholesterol, and other substances. 

High Blood Pressure

If you consume an excess amount of sodium, then you are at a high risk of having high blood pressure or hypertension. High sodium in our body can cause high retention of water in our body. 

This further leads to a large amount of water flowing through our veins and arteries. Furthermore, this leads to an increase in your blood pressure. 

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Intake of a high amount of sodium can increase the chances of stroke and other cardiovascular diseases in our body. 

This happens when the blood receives less amount of oxygen and other vital nutrients. And consuming a high amount of sodium causes high blood pressure, which increases the risk of stroke. 

So, if you are cutting down the intake of sodium in your daily diet, then you can reduce the risks of many diseases as well. This will help keep you healthy and disease-free. 


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