Food Debate: Is Pasta Healthy Or Not? Demystefied


It doesn’t make sense why people fight over things other than pasta. Now everyone agrees that pasta is the best Italian snack to binge eat. But is pasta healthy to eat? Here are some advantages and disadvantages of eating pasta.


Pasta health advantages and side effects
Health benefits of eating pasta

Sustained energy

Carbohydrates like pasta provide glucose which is healthy for you, the crucial fuel for your brain and muscles. And because pasta is an excellent source of complex carbohydrates releasing energy at a slow and sustained level, you don’t get the energy spikes associated with simple sugars.

Low sodium and cholesterol-free

If you’re watching your cholesterol levels, pasta is really healthy for you, being very low in sodium and cholesterol-free. Per cup, enriched varieties of pasta provide good sources of several essential nutrients, including iron and B-vitamins.

Folic acid

Enriched pasta is fortified with folic-acid – essential for women of child-bearing age. A serving of dry pasta supplies the equivalent of roughly 100 micrograms of folic acid or 25% of the recommended daily intake.

Balanced diet

Pasta is part of a well-balanced diet, with current Australian Government guidelines suggesting 35% of our daily calories intake should come from complex carbohydrates such as pasta.

Side effects of eating pasta

Pasta has a very high carbohydrate content which may cause significant fluctuations in your blood sugar levels and make you diabetic when consumed over the years. The gluten in wheat, rye, and barley pasta may cause celiac disease or irritable bowel syndrome in ones who have gluten intolerance.

In people with a gluten allergy, pasta may cause severe effects like fatigue, giddiness, mouth ulcers, depression, abdominal bloating, etc., and even anaphylactic shock in worse cases.

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Pasta can severely aggravate pelvic pain in a disease condition called endometriosis.

In the end, we can say that’s it may come down to a preferential choice on whether or not you want to include Pasta in your staple diet. It’s good as a once a week snack, but frequent eating (unless you’re an Italian) might conjure harm upon your health.


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