Coronavirus: Things To Do In Times of Social Distancing

Currently, Coronavirus is one of the most discussed issues on the planet. With over 190,000 found cases worldwide, the pandemic has taken the whole world to a situation of social distancing, further putting us thinking “what things to do at times of social distancing?”

So what to do during the outbreak? While you are home all day and free from all the chores, what are the things you can do to keep yourself sane? So here are the top to-do list ideas while in lockdown from the Coronavirus at your home.

Perfect Time for Movie Marathons

Remember the time when Avengers: Endgame was gonna be released. One theatre in Philadelphia holds screening of the previous 22 Marvel movies before the worldwide release of new power pack ‘Avengers: Endgame’.

The marathon included all the movies in the Infinity Saga, from Iron Man 1 to Captain Marvel. Inspired by this concept, people can gather their family members and friends for any movie saga choosing from Star War, Star Trek, Harry Potter, Mission Impossible, and whatnot.

Bring out the Chef of Yours

You want to experiment in the kitchen all by yourself, go on and take risks. And who knows, a newly created recipe might make you an all-time favorite cook of your home. 

Clean Your Home

One of the best ways of getting things done which you always wanted is cleansing. As cleaning is a top prioritized method to prevent illness, it ensures positivity and a sense of calm and pleasant environment.

People can microwave their damp or wet kitchen cloth to kill maximum bacteria disinfection. Try rinsing off smudge and food particulates from corners of walls of your kitchen and ground to give inhospitable surroundings for germs and viruses.

Workout and Fitness

Believe us, working out will control your body fluid level. Additionally, it helps you build strong mental health. And in conditions like these, it is one major problem in everyone to lose mental control.

Subsequently, you can look out to fitness channels online to practice home workout exercises including Yoga and Pilates. You can practice working out while you clean your home at the same time.

Now, you may be wondering that we are recommending both, exercising and having cheat meals at the same time. Well! our goal here is not to get you all chiseled but for you to have a healthy body image and a sane mind, who said you need to derive results from everything that you do.

Productively Work From Home

Everyone loves vacations. But it is the work that pays their bills. And we clear it out in the beginning: Work from home doesn’t mean to wear your pajamas, put on your headphones and start working on your couch.

Buzzfeed’s director of engineering Matt Greenwell has worked from home from his house in Austin for 6 years. Matt suggests making a time table for your daily routine as you plan it for outdoor chores.

Start your day with breakfast, groom yourself, make proper changes to work on your desk and plan your work accordingly. This methodology helps an individual to maintain both their productivity and efficiency.

Don’t Be Afraid to Step Outside Completely

An outbreak like this can scare everyone. But that doesn’t mean you should isolate yourself while backing up food in your fridge for the whole week.

If you feel to be sucked up, go out on a walk or run around the corner. The adrenaline rush will make you feel alive and strong. 

But remember, try to prevent any contact with a large crowd or group of people in one place. If you do, firstly, wash your hands after coming home. Wear your mask and gloves in public places, Remember, sanitation kept with strong mental health cures every virus transmission. During this pandemic situation of Coronavirus let’s try not to affect our mental health and try to stay healthy and positive.

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