Lockdown 4.0: E-Commerce Can Deliver Non-Essential Goods


E-commerce companies are now allowed to travel and deliver essential and non-essential inventory in the red zones. Companies including Amazon, Flipkart, and Snapdeal and are now been given the green light on the decision whether to continue with their services in these highly affected places.

Yesterday, the Ministry of Home Affairs announced relief in the e-commerce business sector. The decision was taken against the current situation. As the lockdown has now been increased for a third time in the country until May 31, these new guidelines’ main aim is to provide support to the economy, and, therefore, non-essential goods have got the permit.

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As most of the big cities were under the red zone mark, companies were facing a lot of disruption in the business revenues. Amazon, which has a strong stand in the e-commerce business in the country, reported a significant decline in the profits. Flipkart, who also has temporarily contracted the business to essential items, faced a tough time too.

E-commerce businesses

Up until now, the decisions which were made on March 25 were followed by these companies. They were allowed to ship and deliver essential items such as groceries and medicines in the green and orange zonal areas. And red zones were provided with separate aid measures from the state governments.

Snapdeal, which deals with various amenities, received 75% of its orders on the first day of Lockdown 3.0 from green and orange zones. Following the analysis of the previous data, the company is preparing for the new conditions and is working to deliver their items in the red zones too.

Adding to this, small businesses such as Salons are also allowed in the green, orange and red zones, except containment areas. They were allowed to be open in green and orange zones in the third phase of lockdown. As of now, if a salon is located at a prime location such as a mall or big market then it is to be kept closed.

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On Tuesday evening, PM Modi addressed the country and shared the news that Lockdown 4.0 will be in force from May 18. He also shared the fact that Lockdown 4.0 will be “Quite Different” as compared to the previous weeks. It will have new rules and regulations. Major relief to e-businesses, the delivery of non-essential goods is allowed.

As of Mayb18, the number of coronavirus cases in India rose to 96,169 and the toll went up to 3,029. India recorded the biggest single-day jump till now with over 5,242 new cases and 157 deaths in the last 24 hours.

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