Ruslaan Movie Review: Aayush Sharma’s Film is a Mixed Bag of Emotions

Ruslaan Review

Ruslaan Movie Review: Aayush Sharma's Film is a Mixed Bag of Emotions

Date Created: 2024-04-26 09:23

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Ruslaan is a film that attempts to combine present themes with a nostalgic tone. While it fumbles in execution, it does elicit certain feelings.


The plot centers on Ruslaan, a compassionate Muslim adolescent (played by Aayush Sharma). He lives a modest, happy life in Mumbai with his family and friends. However, one fateful day, he gets arrested for detonating a bomb on a local train. The film then looks into the aftermath of the tragedy, covering topics such as justice, discrimination, and survival.

Aayush Sharma, Salman Khan’s brother-in-law, gives a honest performance. His depiction of Ruslaan’s struggle is admirable. The film succeeds to create a few moving moments, particularly when Ruslaan is subjected to police torture and societal condemnation.

The opening part of the film is reminiscent of family dramas from the 1970s. It lacks urgency and fails to captivate the audience. The plot follows a predictable path, and several surprises are obvious from a mile away. Aside from Ruslaan, most characters are underdeveloped, leaving the audience disengaged.

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Ruslaan lacks the intensity of breaking news and the complexity of a docudrama. While it tries to address pertinent topics, it falls short in execution. If you’re a fan of Aayush Sharma or prefer emotional dramas, you might find something to like here. Just prepare for a slow start and the occasional cliché.

In conclusion, Ruslaan is a mixed bag—a blend of nostalgia and contemporary ideas that tries to find its footing but nevertheless makes an impression.


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