Cowin Certificate Get’s A Updated Format, Good News For International Travelers

Cowin Certificate

The Cowin certificate issued to you after the two doses of the vaccine is getting updates. Especially for the international travelers because they were facing problems with the old rendition of the certificate.

The small change that you’d get to see in the new format would appear in the date of birth mentioned over the certificate. Earlier, the date of birth that appeared on your certificate was calculated with the birth year only.

Cowin Certificate

So, people born in December of 1998 and March of January of 1998 would be shown as 23 years old instead of 22 years and 23 years old, respectively.

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This created a distinction for international traveling and is not accepted on global terms.

That is why we get to see an update for the certificate. Now, the new update will show your date of birth as the actual date of birth calculated using your real and full birth date.

The format used to display the date of birth in the Cowin certificate will be in the “yyyy-mm-dd” (Year-Month-Day) format.

As the world is slowly opening up for business and travel, we are working continuously to ensure that international travelers travel stress-free. This new feature and the format of date of birth will be in “yyyy-mm-dd” form as per the WHO standards for international travelers.” In a talk to ANI, said Dr. RS Sharma, the CEO of National Health Authority (NHA).

Moreover, the United Kingdom has not listed Cowin as an accepted certificate for travelers to come inside the UK, which is now revoked after much thrashing. But a 10 day quarantine period for the travelers having Cowin is still required before freely traverse in the country.

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The Indian authorities were finally to get the ban off, and things look fine for Indian travelers who want to go abroad in terms of tourism or business matters.

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