Coronavirus Was Already Predicted, Know How and When


Coronavirus is currently the most talked topic in the world. The Spread of deadly germs, from one person to another and taking down every corner of the world, Coronavirus was already predicted in a work of literature just like the 2012 apocalypse, which for a matter didn’t occur, unlike the Coronavirus.

Remember the time when the movie 2012 came out and how it struck a chord throughout the audience across the whole wide world? The impression from the news that the whole was going to meet its end printed on every human being’s brain was a reason for panic and chaos.

Unlike the movie’s ending, our lives are going strong, all due to god’s grace. But during that time people started panicking and spending the end of their days taking a vacation, meeting loved ones and so on.

The novel which goes by the name “The Eyes of the Darkness” was published in 1981 talked first about a virus pandemic. Written by the author Dean Koontz, the book shares a story relating to an epidemic spread in the city of Wuhan. Today Wuhan is the epicenter of Coronavirus.

According to the book, a virus named Wuhan-400 was prepared in a laboratory. This virus was to be used further as a weapon in chemical wars.

After the book gained some limelight,  the internet and the netizens are stumped by the context and well! started doing what they do best, sharing it like wildfire.


Another book called “End of Days: Predictions and Prophecies about the end of the world” shares the same message. Writer Sylvia Browne predicted the global outbreak of the Coronavirus.

Browne’s book was first published in 2008 which talked about the spread of a pneumonia-like illness around 2020 throughout the globe. The book also resembles the side effects of the virus to that of Coronavirus. Both of them are being able to affect people’s lung and bronchial tubes.  

Adding to the context, the book also talks about the state of humans after the spread. The excerpt read, “Almost more baffling than the illness itself will be the fact that it will suddenly vanish as quickly as it arrives, attack again ten years later and then disappear completely.”

The resemblance of both the books with reality has forced the readers to scratch their heads. Some of the reactions of people from twitter are as below:


Currently, Coronavirus has spread to over 50 countries and 3000 lives are claimed in it. Medical experts from named organizations like WHO and UNICEF are rigorously striving hard to find a cure for this virus, COVID-19.

In India alone, 72 confirmed cases have been surfaced up and are being treated at separate medical health centers respectively. The Virus primarily affects children and old age people with weaker immune systems. Hopefully, the conditions improve soon.


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