Calories In vs. Calories Out: The Oldest Weight Loss Diet Technique


Battling for losing or gaining weight has always been tough. We try a lot of things, sometimes skipping meals or switching to a whole new diet plan seems to be the best option. And after some time if we aren’t experiencing our desired results then we get frustrated as we sacrificed our taste and invested a lot of time in it.


But we never thought to try an old-school technique, that is, the method of counting calories in vs. calories out. This technique gives you the freedom to eat whatever you want to but it should be healthy, and all you need to pay attention to is that you should count your calories.

Studies have shown that you should follow the calories in versus calories out in order to lose (or gain) weight because according to science when you take calories, the body will gain weight only if the calories you put into your body is more than the number of calories you burn. And, the reverse will happen when you will burn more calories in comparison with taking calories in, then the body will shed weight. In order to maintain your weight, you have to keep the balance of your calories.

Taking calories in is easy as it doesn’t require any physical movement for that, in fact, you just have to eat and drink. But if you looking forward to burning some of your calories to tone up your body and bring it back in shape, then you have to learn that there are three basic ways in which the body burns calories. One is metabolism – the calories that are required to sustain basic functioning of the body like standing, sleeping, breathing, etc. all these small activities require calories. Then there is digestion which requires a necessary involvement of calories to digest your food, and finally for physical activities.

Are Calorie Counting Gadgets Accurate?

We all are introduced to the latest gadgets which notify us of the number of calories that we have burnt in a day. But one must remember that these gadgets are not accurate as they always give you an approximate value and you will never the exact calorie count.

But this doesn’t mean that you will survive only on burgers and fries the whole day to reach your calorie goal. You should be aware of the fact that the source of calories is far more important than the calories themselves. You should know what the food does to you, that is, is it providing you all the benefits other than helping you out reaching your calorie goal.

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In order to explain you better and in a simple way, let us take an example of two food items and call them ‘Food A’ and ‘Food B’. So, if ‘Food A’ has the same calories as ‘Food B’ for the same weight and keeps you full for a longer period of time with other benefits like, gives you iron, calcium, or vitamins, then ‘Food A’ will always be better than ‘Food B’.

You can always rely on vegetables as they are a great source of all the essential nutrients like they contain fiber and water, which adds bulk to your meals and fills you up.

Impact of Unhealthy Lifestyle on Food

You might be unaware of the fact that sleep, stress, and other factors create a great impact on the food we are eating daily. If we are experiencing improper sleep and are sleep deficient then we intend to eat more and can crave food anytime in a day which will result in overeating and gaining a lot of weight

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At last, knowing what are you eating and how many calories the food item contains is really important because you do not want to end up in a hospital as you never know what impact that food item will create after it goes inside your stomach. Always be selective and remembering the calorie-count of regularly consuming food items is not so difficult for your own health.


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