12 Best Fitness Youtube Channels You Need To Checkout Right Now

best fitness youtube channels


Are you suffering from not being able to workout in the gyms you recently paid for and got a membership to but the lockdown has locked up your routine and thrown it outside the window? Don’t be stressed, we’ve got you covered with our fitness experts who have researched in depth and niched down some best fitness youtube channels videos for you to follow this lockdown.

best fitness youtube channels

We have all sorts of workouts- from Pilates to high intensity internal training sessions curated for you.Here’s a list of Best Fitness Youtube Channels for you so that your fitness game is on point even during this lockdown.

1. Tone up

Developed by the top fitness stars- Karena Dawna nd Katrina Scott, This app is known for its bikini body physiques and upbeat personalities. Tone up features workouts that focus on toning and sculpting body parts using light weights and resistance bands at home. The also offer these exercises exclusively on their app tone it up.

2. POPSUGAR fitness

Featuring hip-hop classes to no-equipment cardio sessions and high intensity interval training POPSUGAR has a lot of free classes and fitness tutorial to offer on YouTube.

3. Blogilates

Casey Ho, an award winning fitness instructor is another best bet of yours to keep those calories burning at home. She has a wide range fitness videos from Full-body to arm to booty specific workouts curated for her audience.The best part about Casey is the creative and fun edge that she adds to her videos. Workouts seems musical and effortless.

4. Chloe Ting

Chloe Ting is popular for her Sculpting exercise moves and time-savvy workouts. She is an active YouTuber and social media enthusiast who keeps posting all sorts of fitness routines, advices and challenges. Her two-week shred challenge is currently everyone’s favorite.

5. Mad Fit

Do you love moving and syncing your body to music? Then Maddie from Mad fit is your girl. She choreographs toning workouts to the rhythm of top contemporary songs. Her no jump exercises such as apartment and neighbor-friendly workouts are a mood too.

6. Caroline Girvan

Do you miss your gym? Well, doing Caroline’s workout won’t make you miss your gym and your rigorous workouts as she’s too good for toning those muscles. Her videos are well planned when it comes to hitting specific muscles planned in a calendar format.

7. Body Project

Are you looking to shed pounds but also to be careful across your joint areas? Follow low-impact workouts on Body Project to stay active during the lockdown. They have different types of exercises curated for different persons on YouTube.

8. Yoga with Kassandra

Looking to work on your flexibility and flex it to your friends? Yoga with Kassandra will fulfill that need of yours with her yoga lasses on YouTube, especially her stretching routines that mark the significant start to your goals.

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9. Zuka Light

From managing to create killer YouTube exercise moves in about 5-10 minutes to making small but difficult workouts, Zuka is known for her unreal physique and mind-blowing fitness routines. Her workouts are short and effective.

10. Pamela Reif

Pamela sorts some insane abs and booty workouts that help you sculpt and tone up fast. Her short and fun workouts live up to her motto- quick and effective.

11. Natacha Oceane

If you like Natacha Oceane, then you are in for a quick and intense workout session. Oceane offers high intensity interval training that majorly focus on cardio moves to help you stay fit and active and boost your cardiovascular stamina.

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12. Holly Dolke

With washboard abs and toned physique, Holly is known for her 10-min-long videos that sport workouts from toning to high intensity interval training. Her indoor walking workout is one of the best exercise to keep you active during this lockdown.

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