Buy 1000 Instagram Likes | 7 Best Sites To Buy 1000 Instagram Likes


Want to buy 100 instagram likes to grow your engagement and following? We have listed the 7 best sites from where you can buy ig likes. Have a look!

Buy Instagram Likes

Tired of doing too many things to get that crucial Instagram likes on your profile but still not getting the results?


It feels like giving it up!


No. Don’t give up.

Instead, buy 1000 Instagram likes, at least, and see the magical turnaround. 

To give a quick boost, buying IG likes could be a game-changer for your Instagram profile. 

But from where to buy Instagram likes? Here, we have listed the seven best sites to buy IG likes.

The Best 7 Sites To Buy 1000 Instagram Likes

#1. – Instant 1000 Likes From Real People Scores *Quality of Likes: 9.5 out of 10⭐*Customer Support Quality: 10 out of 10⭐*Follower retention rate: 9.5 out of 10⭐* Overall service Score (inclusive of everything): 9.5 out of 10

Thunderclap is the first choice for every Instagrammers looking forward to buying Instagram likes in 2023. And this is the reason it has secured the top spot in the list of best sites to buy 1000 Instagram Likes. It’s been in the industry for more than seven years and has received immense love and appreciation from its customers all over the world.

The one thing that makes Thunderclap stand out from its counterparts is its after-sales services. So many service providers would forget you once the payment is made from your side, but Thunderclap will hold your hand until you are satisfied with the expected results. And this is proven by their 30-days refill guarantee, complete transparent policies, quick customer support and more.

Benefits Of Buying 1000 Instagram Likes from Thunderclap

1. Instant start and instant delivery options

2. Quality Real Likes with two options – high quality likes & premium quality likes.

3. No password required

4. 24/7 Full Support

5. Automatic email notification

6. 100% Satisfaction

7. Privacy Protection

8. Safe and Professional Service

9. Money Back Guarantee 

Instagram Likes

#2. GPC

GPC.FM Scores *Quality of Likes: 9.5 out of 10⭐*Customer Support Quality: 9 out of 10⭐*Follower retention rate: 8.5 out of 10⭐*Overall service Score (inclusive of everything): 8.5 out of 10⭐

GPC is almost similar to Thunderclap. It also focuses on providing good services to its customers through real Instagram likes. GPC has formed a community of many real users which they use to provide authentic likes to its customers.

These active Instagram profiles of real men and women make engagement with your content, thereby increasing its reach to more people. You are safe and secure when you buy 1000 Instagram likes from GPC.

Benefits Of Buying 1000 Instagram Likes From GPC

  1. High Quality
  2. No Password Needed
  3. Drop Protection
  4. Safe and Easy
  5. Instant Delivery Guaranteed
  6. 24/7 Support
  7. Secure Payments

#3. BuyReviewz

BuyReviewz Scores *Quality of Likes: 8 out of 10⭐*Customer Support Quality: 8.5 out of 10⭐*Follower retention rate: 8 out of 10⭐*Overall service Score (inclusive of everything): 8 out of 10⭐

BuyReviewz helps you to create positive vibes on your profile with real likes and comments. They strictly are against using bots or fake profiles to offer likes on your Instagram account. It helps you keep tension free from getting banned from the platform so that you can completely focus on creating unique content for your audience. 

BuyReviewz is a complete one-stop solution for your Instagram growth. Like Thunderclap, BuyReviewz also provides all the services related to Instagram, such as buying Instagram views for your reels or stories, buying Instagram followers, and even you can buy Instagram comments from them.

Benefits Of Buying 1000 Instagram Likes from BuyReviewz

  1. Delivery time: Instantly to 5 Hours
  2. Become more credible
  3. Increase your visibility
  4. Attract a lot more attention
  5. Fast Delivery in minutes
  6. Excellent customer service
  7. High-quality users
  8. Low prices

#4. Swayy Scores *Quality of Likes: 7.5 out of 10⭐*Customer Support Quality: 8 out of 10⭐*Follower retention rate: 7.5 out of 10⭐*Overall service Score (inclusive of everything): 8 out of 10⭐ is a true social media growth service provider. It not only helps you to grow your Instagram profile, but also you can buy Google reviews from them. Hence, comes with a complete package which you can avail from them. is best if you are running an agency catering to large customers. Also, cafes, restaurants, or hotel owners can seek help from Swayy. The results are evident on their customers’ profiles.

Benefits of Buying Instagram Likes From Swayy

  1. Offers Google reviews on the same platform
  2. User-friendly interface 
  3. Affordable budget
  4. Brings you the deserving recognition through real likes in your profile
  5. Gets more likes in a snowball method

#5. GoldStar Social

GoldStar Social Scores *Quality of Likes: 7 out of 10⭐*Customer Support Quality: 8 out of 10⭐*Follower retention rate: 7 out of 10⭐*Overall service Score (inclusive of everything): 7 out of 10⭐

GoldStar Social is the next to make it to the list of best sites to buy 1000 Instagram Likes. The growth company will help you instantly gain more likes on your posts. Although it is not a specialist for Instagram likes, its team is experienced enough to offer you quality IG likes for your account growth. 

Benefits Of Buying 1000 Instagram Likes From GoldStar Social

  1. Services offered comply with Instagram terms and conditions 
  2. Money-back guarantee if dissatisfied
  3. Fast delivery
  4. Access to a worldwide audience

#6. Astro Marketers

Astro Marketers Scores *Quality of Likes: 6.5 out of 10⭐*Customer Support Quality: 6 out of 10⭐*Follower retention rate: 6 out of 10⭐*Overall service Score (inclusive of everything): 6 out of 10⭐

You can buy a minimum of 250 Instagram likes from Astro Marketers, which is slightly on the higher side as compared to Thunderclap, which offers a minimum of 50 likes. However, depending on your experience and requirement, you can order in bulk with Astro Marketers. 

You are safe and secure when you buy 1000 Instagram likes from them. With no bots and fake profiles, all the likes hitting your posts are real and authentic.

Benefits Of Buying Instagram Likes From Astro Marketers

  1. High-Quality Likes
  2. Real Profiles
  3. Only Post Link
  4. Instant Delivery
  5. 24/7 Support
  6. 100% Safe

#7. SM Gains

SM Gains is a trusted website that offers social media engagement on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and, most importantly, Instagram. It is a safe and secure site that is less heard in the social media marketing strategy industry.

However, SM Gains services are top-notch and never fail to disappoint its customers under any circumstances. You can easily buy 1000 Instagram likes from their platform and grow your account quickly.

Benefits Of Buying Instagram Likes from SM Gains

  1. Helps you get more sales for the products and services 
  2. Provides genuine likes 
  3. Provides 100% guaranteed service 
  4. The order is quickly delivered post payment
  5. Crypto, MasterCard, Visa Card, and all payments methods are accepted 

Quick Process To Buy 1000 Instagram Likes

  • Visit the authentic website from where you want to buy 1000 Instagram likes
  • As per your budget and requirement, choose a package available on the provider’s landing page
  • Next, you need to provide information about yourself, such as the username, email id, and the URL of your Instagram account to which you want to direct all the likes
  • Initiate the payment process and complete it with any mode available, like Credit Card, PayPal, Debit Card, or even Google Pay. Few websites also accept Bitcoin as well.
  • Lastly, you sit back and relax. Wait for the job to be done in a few hours.

Who Should Buy 1000 Instagram Likes?

Instagram Likes act as a catalyst for gaining popularity quickly. If you are willing to boost your fame and earnings, buying Instagram likes is the best way forward. For that matter, even if you are a newbie or reviving your old dead account, to buy 1000 Instagram likes initially is nothing less than a magical turnaround.

Likes not only improve your overall performance but also help gain Instagram followers in a quick short period. And more followers lead to bring in more engagements in the form of more likes and comments. With improved results, you may be eligible to monetize your Instagram account and start generating revenues.

Now, the question may arise: who should buy 1000 Instagram likes? Here, we have tried to cover every aspect of this question to help you understand.

You Should Buy 1000 Instagram Likes If You Are A Beginner

What does a beginner need, irrespective of his/ her niche? 

  • Likes!
  • Comments!
  • Shares!
  • Followers!

Well, all the above four parameters are very important and essential to growing on the platform, but do you realize that it is extremely difficult to achieve them, especially during the initial days? No matter how quirky and engaging your content is, you will struggle to get the desired results in the early stage.

Worry not! Here is the solution.

Buy 1000 Instagram Likes if you are a beginner to make your presence on the platform. This will help you get noticed by people sharing the same interest and, most importantly, the Instagram algorithm.

Buying Instagram likes is a tried and tested method and has given immense results to individuals who have taken a step forward without giving it a second thought. This is not exclusive to any particular individual. A beginner could be an artist, teacher, even an organization, or anyone starting on Instagram. 

The IG users who have purchased 1000 Instagram likes from Thunderclap have gained much love and appreciation from real accounts and eventually went ahead to make millions of followers in a quick span of time.

You Should Buy 1000 Instagram Likes If You Are An Intermediate/ Pro Individual

Once you cross the beginner level, you start feeling the heat of competition on Instagram. Only at this point in time do you start doing too many things just to get those extra likes and followers. You start putting in more effort and sometimes try doing many different things, eventually affecting your algorithm profile. Slowly and gradually, you lose your reach and give up.

Being at the intermediate or pro level brings more responsibility to take your Instagram account to the next level. This is the time to stick to your basics and do what your targeted audience wants. This is the time to buy 1000 Instagram likes again to give a sense of credibility and authenticity to your audience.

The more likes your initial followers see, the more they trust you. They start sharing your content in their circle, bringing in more followers than before. As Social Media experts say, this is the best time to reap what you have sowed.

You Should Buy 1000 Instagram Likes If You Are an Influencer/ Celebrities

Imagine, you have 100,000 followers and still not getting as many likes as expected. 

What will happen next?

Yes, you thought the correct way. You would start losing your followers’ trust and confidence, and eventually the number too.

For some, it could be even worse than this. Instagram could penalize them. The Instagram algorithm would think the 100,000 followers are fake and had been achieved through illegal practice. 

This is not something you would want at that stage. 

Instead, you can buy 1000 Instagram likes at least to give something to your audience to have that faith and believe in your content. This will help you have a good number of likes and followers intact despite the huge competition around you.

Many influencers and even big celebrities have practiced this method to be alive in this game of likes and followers. And there are many still doing the same thing, again and again, to keep their Instagram revenue stream alive.

Thanks to Thunderclap, who offers real likes from active profiles, unlike others, to keep you protected from the Instagram policy.

Should You Buy 1000 Instagram Likes to Make Your Brand More Trustworthy?

Yes, definitely. The golden rule says, ‘more visibility, the more the sales.’ 

And how does that ‘more visibility’ come?

It comes through having a large audience base and reaching out to them.

Next, from where does that large audience base is created?

The answer is it can only happen if you go viral. Initially, virality creates a large audience, and later, the same large audience helps you to go viral again.

And we all know virality only happens when you receive a lot of likes and appreciation on Instagram. 

A true and strange fact is that not all Instagram posts will go viral, but all can buy likes to get those 1000 likes quickly and push the content to go viral.

Having 1000 likes on your posts gives a sense of trust to your followers. To buy 1000 Instagram likes is actually the need of the hour for every individual and business to make their brand credible and trustworthy.

What Are The Factors To Consider Before Buying 1,000 Instagram Likes?

You should have a clear set of goals before you have 1000 Instagram likes. You should consider all the factors that could be important in growing your Instagram profile to the next level. These factors will only decide the fate of your profile receiving likes, shares, and comments. All the factors are discussed below.

Fix Your Goal Before You Buy 1000 Instagram Likes

Brainstorming and then deciding the goals is the first step before buying Instagram likes. This will not only keep the entire process smooth and easy but also keep your mind and body relaxed. The result you will get will be very much fruitful and according to the plan as decided earlier.

Do More Research About The Choices You Have

Shortlist the providers list from whom you will be buying 1000 Instagram likes. Try to get to know the insights of each and every provider and then compare. This will help you make a firm and ensured decision to hit the ideal spot.

Price Matters

Obviously, price matters. Price matters to all and everywhere. It makes no point to buy 1000 Instagram likes at a higher price when you can get them at a much lower price. For this, you need to do thorough research and understand each and every package of all the providers’ offerings.

Reputation About The Service Provider

Once you are done with all the above factors, last but not least, you need to learn about the reputation of the service provider from whom you are going to purchase Instagram Likes. It is very important to know because you can get defrauded by many spam service providers available in the market. So, you ensure you read the reviews from different sources and make the final call.

In Which Country Can You Buy 1000 Instagram Likes?

All thanks to Thunderclap and GPC, who have initiated offering 1000 Instagram likes to individuals and businesses irrespective of geographical location. Whether you are staying extreme north of Iceland or extreme south of New Zealand, your Instagram likes from real profiles will get delivered instantly. 

You only need to visit their website, choose the package as per your requirement, pay them, and then sit back and relax, and just keep watching your Instagram profile grow from zero to hero.

Buy 1000 Instagram Likes In India

India is a vast country, and so is the competition. If you are looking forward to building a brand for yourself or even your business, you need to kill the competition as fast as possible. 

And how can you kill your competition?

The only way is to buy Instagram likes. There is no alternative to this. However, you can go the organic way. But, it will take time to achieve your target. How much time, no one can say.

The best you start buying likes from now onwards for every post you make and gradually make it count.

Buy 1000 Instagram Likes In UAE

In recent years, the UAE has joined the party of stiff competition coming from every part of the world. People residing here prefer to buy 1000 Instagram likes for more or less every post they make public just to keep themselves ahead of the competition. No wonder why Thunderclap is the best Instagram growth service provider in UAE.

Buy 1000 Instagram Likes In Australia

Whether you are staying in Perth or Sydney or Melbourne, or any city in Australia, you can easily buy 1000 Instagram Likes to take your Instagram profile to the next level no matter whether you are a beginner or an influencer. Instagram likes are the charm. It will help you gain more followers at the expense of just one, which is buying likes.

Buy 1000 Instagram Likes In Canada

Canada, too, is no different regarding the growth of Instagram accounts. Thunderclap is a clear winner here, with more clients than any other service provider. People here buy 1000 Instagram likes for every post they make and look forward to creating more followers. And as we all know, more followers mean more trust; and more trust means more business.

Buy 1000 Instagram Likes In the USA

The USA is next to India in terms of having the highest number of active Instagram accounts. So, you can well imagine the level of competition going on here on the platform. All are in the race to have more brand collaboration just to generate more revenue from them. You can, too, become an influencer even though you are a newbie.

You just need to visit the website of Thunderclap, buy 1000 Instagram likes for a post, complete the payment procedure, and the rest will be taken care of by them. It’s very simple.

What Is The Cost Of Buying 1000 Instagram Likes?

Before you jump on to know the cost of buying 1000 Instagram likes, try to understand what you will be getting in return.

You will not only receive 1000 real Instagram likes from active profiles but also give yourself the opportunity to get more followers in the future. Apart from this, you also need to understand that the probability of getting viral increases sharply. So, the amount you will be paying is not only for likes but also for these important parameters.

As far as the price is concerned, you need to pay 9.99$ to buy 1000 Instagram Likes.

For other packages, the price is as follows

  • 50 Instagram likes – $0.99
  • 100 Instagram likes – $1.99
  • 250 Instagram likes – $4.49
  • 500 Instagram likes – $5.99
  • 1k Instagram likes – $9.99
  • 2.5k Instagram likes – $19.99
  • 5k Instagram likes – $39.99
  • 10k Instagram likes – $74.99
  • 20k Instagram likes – $ 119.99

What Are The Payment Methods Available To Buy Instagram Likes?

Almost all the popular and trusted Instagram service providers offer varied options for payment. This helps the customers to complete the payment process hassle-free. Apart from regular payment channels, to some extent, you can buy 1000 Instagram Likes with Bitcoin from a few sites.

Buy 1000 Instagram Likes With PayPal

PayPal is one of the most convenient methods for doing international transactions. No matter where you live, you can still purchase Instagram likes with PayPal. On top of it, you can get good cashback or coupons, if lucky enough, from PayPal after you buy 1000 Instagram likes. What are you waiting for, then? Just go and grab it.

Buy 1000 Instagram Likes With a Credit Card

Credit card is another good option that you can utilize to the fullest. You can easily buy Instagram likes with any of your Credit cards such as Visa or MasterCard. On buying likes, you can get points that you can redeem later for any of your necessities, such as flight booking or movie tickets or online shopping, etc.

Buy 1000 Instagram Likes With a Debit Card

Not all would have a Credit Card or PayPal account, but a Debit card is one such option that everyone has. You just need to ensure the international payment feature is enabled on your card, and then you are good to go with it. 

Buy 1000 Instagram Likes With Google Pay

Since its launch, Google Pay has been the favorite payment option for everyone to use while doing a purchase online. It is quick and hassle-free. There is no sort of any problem associated with it. You only need to provide your Virtual Payment Address (VPA) and confirm the payment to buy 1000 Instagram Likes.

What Should You Do After Buying 1000 Instagram Likes?

Buying 1000 Instagram likes is not a template for your success. It is not at all a holy grail for Instagram’s success. It is just a way out to get that extra push to keep you stay ahead of the major crowd. 

It is still you who have to create super content for your audience. It is you who have to post daily, either in the form of photos, reels, or stories. It is you who has to reply to the comments on receiving them. It is you who have to curate new content for your followers. Your service provider is not going to do all this stuff for you.

Get 1000 Instagram Likes Without Buying

You can get 1000 instagram likes without spending a single penny. But, for that, you need to have immense patience because the process is lengthy, and it will take time to get the desired result. Here’s how

#1. Be Consistent

Make a fixed schedule for posting daily. Whether a photo or IG video or reels, or a story, whatever you want to give to your audience, do it on a consistent basis. This will develop great interest amongst your organic followers. Once they start consuming your content every day, you will see the difference.

#2. Engage With Your Audience

Engaging with the audience is a powerful tool many miss out on. Even the algorithm asks every Instagram user to interact with the followers’ comments in the form of liking or giving a reply to them.

#3. Follow Back Your Followers

This is not generally practiced by any individual when he/ she has achieved big fame. But, if you are a beginner, this can be really helpful in gaining more likes. Also, you can follow your followers whom you think have been associated with you for a long time. This will actually help you get more engagements in the future.

#4. Follow The Account That Shares Similar Content As Yours

You can follow the big names of your niche and try to analyze what kind of content they are posting and at what part of the day. This will give you powerful insights and, based on it, improve your performance.

#5. Post More User-Generated Content

This is especially for businesses. Try to post more content of your expertise. This will ensure the authenticity of your profile and will eventually help you get more likes from similar profiles.

#6. Plan Your Posts Way Before

Planning your content way before you make them publish is a standard practice and is valid for businesses and individuals. It helps you post more relatable content for the audience.

#7. Don’t Forget To Put The Captions

Captions are a great way to attract the audience. It helps them understand the emotions behind the posts. Hence, always make sure to put some interesting captions to make your audience think about it. 

Any Suggestions For Buying 1000 Instagram Likes?

As mentioned earlier, the likes which you will buy help your account reach other like-minded profiles instantly. This will fetch you more likes to your content and more followers to your profile quickly. 

And more followers means more sales. Whether you are an influencer or a business owner, you will definitely have some gains at the end of the day. So, buy 1000 Instagram likes at least, experience it, analyze it, and then go for the big numbers. 

Frequently Asked Questions – Buy 1000 Instagram Likes

  • Can I target a specific audience or niche when purchasing Instagram likes?

Some providers allow you to specify specific demographics or interests when purchasing likes. This can be beneficial if trying to reach a particular audience or niche on Instagram. For example, if you’re a fitness influencer, you may want to purchase likes from users interested in health and fitness.

  • How do I know if the likes I purchase are from real people or bots?

It can be challenging to tell if the likes you purchase are from real people or bots. However, you can ask the provider, such as, for information about their quality assurance processes to get an idea of the quality of the likes. is committed to providing high-quality Instagram likes from real Instagram users to ensure the authenticity of the engagement you receive. Additionally, you can read reviews from other customers to see if they have had positive experiences with the provider.

  • Can I purchase likes for posts several months old, or must they be new?

Generally, providers allow you to purchase likes for any post, regardless of its age. However, remember that older posts may not be as relevant to your audience as newer posts, which could affect the effectiveness of the purchased likes.

  • Will purchasing Instagram likes affect my engagement rate?

Purchasing likes could harm your engagement rate. Instagram’s algorithm may recognize and penalize inauthentic engagement, resulting in lower visibility for your posts. Additionally, having many likes but a low engagement rate (likes, comments, shares) could negatively impact your overall engagement rate.

  • Can buying Instagram likes help me get verified on the platform?

No, purchasing likes will not help you get verified on Instagram. Instagram’s verification process is based on various factors, including authenticity, uniqueness, completeness, and notability.

  • How long will the likes I purchase remain on my posts?

The duration of the likes varies depending on the provider and the quality of the likes. offers high-quality Instagram likes that are guaranteed to remain on your posts for an extended period.

 However, the exact duration may vary depending on the package you purchase. It’s essential to review the provider’s policies before purchasing to understand how long the likes are guaranteed to remain on your posts.

  • Will purchasing Instagram likes help me attract more brand sponsorships or collaborations?

It’s unlikely that purchasing likes will directly lead to more brand sponsorships or collaborations. This is because brands typically look for authentic engagement from real followers, not just high numbers of likes. So while increased likes may make your profile look more popular, building an engaged and authentic following is essential.

  • Can I purchase likes for posts that have already received a lot of engagement?

Yes, you can purchase likes for any post on Instagram. However, remember that if a post has already received a high level of engagement, the additional purchased likes may have less impact than they would on a base with a lower concentration.

  • Will purchasing likes from multiple providers increase my chances of getting flagged by Instagram?

Yes, purchasing likes from multiple providers can increase your chances of getting flagged by Instagram. This is because Instagram’s algorithm may recognize and penalize inauthentic engagement, and purchasing likes from numerous providers may look suspicious.

  • Can I request a refund if I’m unsatisfied with the likes I receive or if they arrive late?

The refund policies vary depending on the provider you choose. offers a clear and transparent refund policy that you can review before purchasing to ensure that you understand Instagram’s  terms and conditions. 

For example, offers refunds if the likes are not delivered on time.

  • Can purchasing Instagram likes to help me boost my brand’s social proof?

Yes, purchasing Instagram likes can help boost your brand’s social proof. In addition, many likes can make your brand appear more popular and trustworthy, encouraging other users to engage with your content and follow your account.

  • Will purchasing Instagram likes help me increase my reach and visibility on the platform?

Yes, purchasing Instagram likes can help you increase your reach and visibility on the platform. When your posts receive more likes, they are more likely to be shown to a broader audience by Instagram’s algorithm. offers a safe and efficient way to purchase high-quality Instagram likes that can help increase your visibility on the platform and attract more organic engagement.

  • Can purchasing Instagram likes help me kickstart my account growth?

Yes, purchasing Instagram likes can help you kickstart your account growth. When your posts receive many likes, they can attract new followers and increase your overall social visibility.

  • Are there any benefits to purchasing Instagram likes for influencers or content creators?

Yes, purchasing Instagram can benefit influencers or content creators trying to attract brand sponsorships or collaborations. In addition, many likes can make your account more appealing to brands looking to work with influencers or content creators.

  • Can purchasing Instagram likes to help me save time and effort on social media marketing?

Yes, purchasing Instagram likes can help you save time and effort on social media marketing. Rather than spending time and resources on organic engagement strategies, purchasing likes can quickly boost engagement and visibility on the platform.


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