Instagram Testing Paid Subscription Service With Handful Of Beta Users


Meta-owned social media platform Instagram is in the news once again to roll out a new subscription feature that is currently in its testing phase.

The photo-sharing platform is starting an Instagram subscriptions service where its users will have to pay an amount to access the exclusive content of creators, intending to help Instagram creators earn a living.

While this might be disappointing to the followers, it is eventually good news for those content creators. It will enable them to receive a monthly recurring income.

Instagram Subscription
Instagram Subscription

Let us know about the subscription feature in detail. In November 2021, the feature debuted in the App Store. As of now, a group of 10 U.S creators have been given access to this new feature. They include Olympic gymnast Jordan Chiles, model Kelsey Cook, basketball player Sedona Prince.

Initially, there were reports that Instagram was developing a technology that would prevent taking screenshots of subscriber-specific content, but there is no update of it.

How will it be beneficial to the creators? For that, let us know about the current scenario. Content producers, influencers, artists and other public figures post their content on Instagram, and their followers get to see them in their insta feed without paying anything extra.

Instagram doesn’t pay anything to those creators, but they earn money from the brand they are endorsing on the platform or from sponsorships. This new feature will ensure that the creators get recurring money each month.

Creators can choose their price point from the eight available price points, ranging from $0.99 per month to $99.99 per month. Creators, most probably, will select lower prices initially before jumping on a hefty price point.

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Benefits Of Instagram Subscription

You will get a Subscribe button beside the Follow Button for the Instagram followers. You need to pay a monthly fee to access the exclusive content of your favourite Instagram content creator. What benefits will be entitled to you with Instagram Subscription?

  • You will be able to view exclusive live Instagram sessions of subscribed creators.
  • Subscriber-specific stories will be available for you.
  • You will get a special subscriber badge displayed beside your name when you comment in their post, which will distinguish subscribers from others.

Thus, if you want to access subscriber-only content, you need to subscribe to your favourite creators on Instagram. It is very similar to the subscription service of the Meta-owned Facebook feature, which was launched in 2021.

Even platforms like Twitter and Tik Tok have similar monetization features. But, Instagram said it would not take any revenue share from the creators until 2023.


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