How To Order From JioMart Using Whatsapp

JioMart has launched a new ‘WhatsApp Order Booking Service’ amidst the lockdown. The e-commerce platform is operated by Reliance Retail.


JioMart has its own dedicated WhatsApp number and is now ready to take orders for essential items. They are also ensuring availability within forty-eight hours.

Order from JioMart using Whatsapp

Facebook bought a 9.99% stake in Reliance Jio a week back. This new service is live in certain localities of Thane, Kalyan and Navi Mumbai for now.

The telecom operator aims to introduce a WhatsApp push and has started testing in Maharashtra for JioMart. This is happening only in select areas.

As mentioned before, a dedicated WhatsApp number is available for Reliance Jio. Users are supposed to save this number in order to chat with the business account to get the service.

The platform is not offering direct delivery to users’ homes. Buyers will have to pick up their delivery at the nearest Kirana store. 

Here’s a step by step guide on how to do order easily:

  • Save the number +91 88500 08000 on your phone as ‘JioMart’.


  • After you do that, go to WhatsApp and search for ‘JioMart’. If you can’t find it immediately, you can refresh your contact list. 

  • To do so, tap on the icon for new chat, three dots, and then click ‘Refresh’. Tap on the saved contact and send a message saying ‘Hi’


  • A bot will send an auto-generated message as soon as you send the message. The message will note that the services are available in Thane, Kalyan and Navi Mumbai only.


  • Additionally, users will also be informed that orders placed before 7 pm using JioMart will be available for pickup within 48 hours. The pick up will be at the closest JioMart Kirana store.


  • A unique link will be included in the auto-generated message that expires in 30 minutes. If users do not use it within 30 minutes, they’ll have to send a ‘Hi’ message once more in order to receive a new link.

  • Once the link is clicked upon, a JioMart page will open up in your browser. This dedicated page asks for your basic information such as your phone number and address.


  • Fill in the required details and then click on ‘Proceed’.


  • All the Kirana stores close to you and their available items will be provided in the form of a list to you. It isn’t as comprehensive as one would wish, but with time, JioMart should be able to improve its inventory.


  • JioMart will show you the total amount you need to pay once you place the order. They will also send a WhatsApp text right away.


  • The text mentions where you have to pick up the order and shows the address and name of the nearby Kirana store. A phone number is also available for any inquiries related to the purchase. 

  • Once the order is ready, JioMart notes that a text will be sent to the user. This will inform them to collect the delivery by heaving to the Kirana store as soon as possible.

Payment will be made during pickup only.

In order to locate the store properly, JioMart will also send a Google Maps link to help users.

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Placing your Groceries Order from JioMart using Whatsapp is pretty simple and convenient. Order your Groceries Now!

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