WhatsApp update Add a new Communities feature along with tons of functionality  


The community feature on WhatsApp has been anticipated for quite some time and has now been shown. WhatsApp noted in a previous article that with the assistance of communities, people will now be able to get updates issued to the entire Community. Hence, simply establish smaller conversation groups on topics that are important to them.

WhatsApp, the social media messaging platform, is constantly releasing upgrades and new features that improve the entire user experience. The Meta-owned company has now unveiled its newest  WhatsApp community feature. As a result, which will let users consolidate multiple WhatsApp Groups into a single hat. Four new group capabilities have been added to the platform, including admin removal, huge phone calls, message responses, and big file sharing.

WhatsApp Community Feature:

The community feature has been anticipated for a long time and has now been shown. In a blog entry, WhatsApp noted that with the help of groups, users would now be able to get news issued to the entire Community and simply establish smaller group discussions on topics that are important to them. Furthermore, administrators will find new options for their disposal, such as notification messages that will be delivered to everyone, as well as management over which groups will be covered.

WhatsApp feature add tons of functionality

WhatsApp also stated that Communities will make it easy for a school administrator to gather all of the family members of the school to discuss must-read notifications and create groups for certain subjects, extracurriculars, or volunteer requirements. As a result, it is apparent that with the addition of the WhatsApp community feature, schools, local groups, non-profit organizations. Moreover, it will now be able to join together while preventing any form of communication barrier.


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Other tons of features:

When it comes to the 4 new features that have been added to the group. The first one that has been included is responses. Members in the group will now be capable of responding in group conversations with an emoji rather than sending a large amount of messages. To respond to a message, users must currently send a text message.

Admin Delete is another new WhatsApp feature that has been introduced. The Admin Erase tool allows the admin to remove any message in the group that they deem to be troublesome or delinquent from everyone’s conversation. The third function is file-sharing, which WhatsApp is expanding to accommodate files up to 2GB in size. Moreover, allowing numerous users to collaborate on a project.

Finally, the firm has expanded its voice calling capabilities. Initially, the number of individuals on a voice call was limited to four, but this was later raised to eight. WhatsApp now supports up to 32 individuals on a single phone conversation and has upgraded the platform’s voice calls UI. According to the corporation, these services will be available in the following weeks, even before the communities are complete.

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