Secure Your WhatsApp Messages Before Hackers Get To Them!


How could this be?! WhatsApp messages has end-to-end encryption facilities, after all!

WhatsApp Messages

Much to your dismay, this isn’t the entire truth. Hackers with malicious intent could still very well gain access to your messages through other methods. It would be best if you took caution against this as soon as possible.

How Could They Gain Access?

While they have a fairly secure end-to-end encryption service for their messages, many people do not realize or are unaware that when you backup your messages, this no longer protects them.

In other words, end-to-end encryption does not apply to your cloud backup for your WhatsApp messages. This means that a hacker could very easily hack into your cloud storage and get to the messages they couldn’t get to before.

Protect Your WhatsApp Messages This Way

This isn’t the first time concerns about cloud backup security have been raised. Fear not; all hope isn’t lost. You can still save yourself against these methods by using the disappearing messages option. 

This way, your chat records won’t be backed up on your cloud. The messages disappear on their own after a while, and since there’s no cloud storage, you can rest easy regarding hacking threats as well.

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How This Came to Light and What Whatsapp Is Doing

A cybersecurity researcher pointed these flaws out recently, bringing this to WhatsApp’s attention as well. This expert was quoted in The Mirror.

In a tweet, the firm WABetaInfo said, “WhatsApp is also working to bring end-to-end encrypted LOCAL backups on WhatsApp beta for Android! They were working on E2EE backups on Google Drive, but they will extend the feature for local backups. This feature will be available in a future update.”

Reportedly, WhatsApp is going to provide users with a password-like phrase to access the backups. In case the phrase is forgotten, one can use a 64-digit recovery key in its place.

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Till this update is available, it is vital to protect your messages in the way mentioned above. 

Stay safe!


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