15 Best Twitter Reactions to Checkout Before Watching Brahmastra Part 1


On the morning of June 15, the Brahmastra trailer was finally unveiled after ten hard years in the making. We noticed right away that it was dominating social media and generating a quickly growing buzz among the fans. Everything from Ranbir Kapoor’s return to the screen after a four-year absence to the numerous compliments on Mouni Roy’s supervillain appearance to Nagarjuna and Amitabh Bachchan’s aura in the movie became a topic of debate, creating significant anticipation for the film’s September 9 release. The audience will undoubtedly have high expectations for Brahmastra because it will be India’s first fantasy drama movie.

15 Best Twitter Reactions From Bollywood Stars For Brahmastra Part 1

The creators of the first fantasy drama did a fantastic job with the VFX. We haven’t really felt anything like it in Indian cinema before. The background music and Arijit Singh’s “Kesariya” song, which will be their first on-screen collaboration since getting married, highlight the romance between Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt. See some of the movie reviews that have recently been published below. But in addition to Twitter, some critics’ reviews of the movie have also surfaced, calling it a must-see movie.

15 Best Twitter Reactions to Checkout Before Booking Your Tickets for Brahmastra Part 1:

Before Brahmastra, starring Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor, was released, previews were made available to the public and the media. For the fans, Alia and Ranbir had scheduled two back-to-back screenings of the movie, during which they would watch the movie together. In addition, the movie’s press screenings were held for the national press. Below are some Twitter reactions from Bollywood stars for Brahmastra part 1.

Fantastic First Half, Below Average Second Half (Initial 30 mins) fantastic conclusion and excellent VFX, Visuals, and BGM of BRAHMASTRA is a lot better than many recently released movies, and it’s entertaining due to the story and the performance.

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Ambitious attempt with a compelling central idea, but it struggles to hold your interest for longer than 20 minutes at a time. It’s a rocky journey because of the overuse of VFX, flaky speech, and artificiality. Absolute average!

I’m so proud of Ayan Mukerji for giving Roymouni a chance and believing in her at a time when producers are only interested in casting A-list male superstars as villains in their huge tentpoles. I adore how important a role women have always played in his movies.

Can’t believe Ayan Mukerji, who directed two of my favourite movies with Ranbir, thought outside the box so much for this one. Had a good first half, but Ranbir is the only thing keeping it together in the second half!

Not a single person in the theatre left the film in between, there were whistles, clap overall It was a Fun Ride.

We never truly buy into it totally, despite all the nonstop computer visuals, lavish settings, starry array, and Brahmastra’s dedication to its subject.

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A noble endeavour to build an Astraverse tragically fails when Ayan Mukerji foregoes his strongest suit—compelling storytelling. The “love storiyaan” of Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt is insufficient.

Brahmastra is acting in an UNSTOPPABLE way on the first day, despite mixed reviews.

Fans of RK-Alia will like the visual treat, in which the actor tries something new with the Astraverse universe. Ayan Mukerji’s ten-year effort is not in vain, but we do wish Alia had a substantial role.

Watched the first performance of Brahmastra in Los Angeles, California.
Getting your initial feedback from viewers of this blockbuster movie in a foreign market!

Since SRK’s special appearance is no longer a secret, allow me to say that it is quite magical to watch him perform when he is up there, the screen springs to life! There is no one like Shah Rukh Khan because he is Shah Rukh Khan.

Why I have a suspicion that Ranveer Singh will play Dev, Deepika Padukone also catches a glance. (I won’t say what the narrative is), but Dev’s physique resembled Ranveer’s (due to his most recent image), Hrithik is a little wider, and RS is leaner

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Before the show begins and the reality of the movie takes on its own in our imaginations, there are only a few moments left of the unadulterated excitement of pure possibility and pure, uncontrolled Brahmastra hype.

A beautiful, edgy hat-tip to one of SRK’s most beloved characters.
Be on the lookout for it in Brahmastra’s closing credits.

Bravo to the guys for making an effort to create a strong astraverse universe! An engaging encounter.

It’s hilarious to see people on Twitter suddenly realise that Taran Adarsh has been giving inaccurate ratings following #Brahmastra. Considering how long he’s been doing it, you should have noticed when he praised Bhuj and SMJ2.

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