7 best ways to irritate and annoy your sister in a loving way


Siblings, being biological relations, should love, support, and care for one another. Sisters are more than mothers and proved to be great best friends but it depends on you how you treat them. Sisters might be your most devoted friends, but that doesn’t mean it’s not pleasant to annoy them sometimes. If you desire to have some old good fun to annoy your sister, there are numerous options. Just be cautious, because your siblings might become like you.

Here is a list of the 7 best ways to irritate and annoy your sister in a loving way

Scare your sister scaled

  1. Scare a ghost out of her

Nothing beats getting a good scare out of your sister, especially if she yells. Prepare your approach thoroughly. Hide for her in a darkened bedroom, behind her apartment door, or below the bath shower curtain. When she walks in, you have two choices: shout at the peak of your lungs or creep up beside her and grab her – both are successful.

  1. Carry out the surprise attack

Find a time when your sister is entirely focused, such as while she is playing a video game, sketching, drawing, chatting on the phone, or doing her schoolwork. Then slowly creep up behind her. Shout “Boo!” and witness her shout in fright as you go as near as you can without her recognizing your presence. If done correctly, this could be the easiest and best prank of all time. You earn extra points if you do this while your sister isn’t even aware you’re home.

  1. Toggle the window

If you want to go all out, try knocking on your sister’s window in the middle of the night. Though jumping on your roof is normally not a good idea, if you’re confident you can do it securely, you can knock on the window in the dark of night to annoy your sister. You can even hit the window with a twig or throw rocks at it. Then, swiftly return to your bedroom and appear to be asleep or doing schoolwork so she doesn’t notice you.


  1. Scare her with fake Spider

A fake spider on a lengthy, clear thread or fishing line is an incredible deal. Simply step back and lift the imitation spider on a tree limb. When your sister comes by, drop the string and let the fake spider land near to or on her. She’ll be screaming uncontrollably since she won’t be anticipating this.

Steal your Sister's food

  1. Hide Chocolates or eat their food

When they’re not around, steal food off their table or eat their chocolates. Wait until they discover some of their meal is gone, then pretend you don’t understand what they’re saying. If they aren’t getting it, say “Slow down, please. Why are you consuming so quickly?” Make sure you’re not discovered by your folks!

  1. Use a feather to touch the back of her neck

Just stand behind your sister and annoy her with a light flower. When you’re certain she’s focused on something else, simply stroke her shoulder with the feather. Do it firmly enough for her to notice anything, but not so strong that she can tell it’s you. In no time, she’ll be yelling and whirling around. If you can get away with it, try hiding or concealing when she comes around so she can’t explain the strange sensation.

  1. Fright her with fake insects

Go to a novelty shop and get a few fake bugs to frighten and annoy your sister with. Almost every child is terrified of bugs at some point in their lives, and placing the bug in an unusual location can cause your sister to scream. You can put one in her bag; this will undoubtedly frighten her, but you may not be able to hear her yell. You can also put the fake bugs on her bed, in the wash, on her plate, or wherever else you know she won’t expect them.

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