5 Simple and Quick Ways to Lose Weight with PCOS


There are many women who are suffering from PCOS but do you know what exactly PCOS is and how to lose weight with PCOS? Through this detailed content you will understand what is PCOS and how to lose your weight if you have PCOS.

Let’s first discuss a brief about PCOS

Polycystic ovary syndrome causes enlarged ovaries with small cysts on the outer edges. PCOS isn’t well understood but may involve symptoms such as irregular periods, excess hair growth, diabetes, acne, weight gain, and obesity. Perhaps there is no actual cure so far but it can be treated by making a few changes in the lifestyle.


Yet, even a small weight loss of approximately 5% can improve insulin resistance, hormone levels, menstrual cycles, fertility, and overall quality of life in women with PCOS.

Quoted By Healthline

To be precise it is a hormonal imbalance that is common among women of reproductive age. There’s absolutely no need to take pressure if you are one amongst them. Having a healthy lifestyle is the most effective way towards managing PCOS and reducing the risks factor as well which will further help in reducing weight. In this content we will be discussing the best easy and quick methods to lose weight if you have PCOS.

Here are 5 simple and quick tips to lose weight if you have PCOS



The reason it’s been suggested to eat fiber is because of the estrogens it produces. PCOS has a high level of estrogen dominance which ends up in irregular periods, excess hair, weight gain etc. however to balance that, intake of high fiber helps to create estrogen which stimulates for regulating menstruation and reduces symptoms.

The foods which have high fiber are;

Broccoli, brown rice, lentils, oats, oatmeal, carrots, cabbage, beetroot, beetroot, citrus fruits, sprouts, banana, onions, garlic-ginger, and leafy greens.

Increase Your Fiber Intake to reduce estrogen dominance which ends up in irregular periods, excess hair and weight gain

Eating low calories can impact negatively, don’t compromise it with undereating. Remember expert says if you take it slow the better. Adding extra fiber into your diet over several weeks is better than consuming everything all together.



It’s best to cut down on sugar-based beverages to lose weight quickly. In reality, it seems difficult however doing so reduces the chances of being diabetic as well as maintain insulin level in the body.

Cut down your soda and juices, this will definitely help in lose weight

Bottled drinks contain approx. 30 grams of sugar and can spike your diabetes and gain weight must faster. You should instead replace it with natural sugar such as fruits and it’s best to stop consuming drinks with added sugars in short, Stop now otherwise there’s no chance of losing weight!



‘Ideally’ it’s always best to maintain a healthy lifestyle with or without PCOS.

Actively working out 4-5 times a week helps to maintain a healthy weight, insulin sensitivity as well as improve risks of heart problems and mental health which is another most important aspect of a healthy body.

Do yoga or workout atleast 40 minutes a day for healthy lifestyle to reduce weight for women having PCOS

Furthermore, consistency is the major outbreak in this generation well to be specific, to lead a healthy journey one has to be determined towards their well-being.

Additionally, sleep is acknowledged as central to our health.



As you may already know how important is to adding protein to the diet to maintain your healthy lifestyle. Therefore it is not just important it is quite necessary to stabilize blood sugar levels which increases fullness after a meal.

In a research study, women were given a sufficient amount of protein and healthy fats to evaluate the results and they found a group of women who followed this diet, lost weight on an average of 5 kgs after practicing for almost 3-4 months.


Fat is as important as protein consumption of it may result to better a result than no fat for example; avocados, peanut butter, fatty fish, seeds, nuts, and dried fruits are filling and curb hunger.

Add protein and healthy fats for your weight loss


Excess of carbs and dairy products may end up with high insulin which ends up making you hungrier. So to avoid that it’s best to cut down a high intake of dairy as well as refined carbs such as milk, processed cheese, white bread, pasta, noodles, white rice, etc. Managing carbs is really important in today’s time.

Low carbs diet are really important for woman having PCOS

Eating within limits and maintaining it with the help of physical activities will be the most significant way to lose weight. It will also lead a better life in future no matter one has PCOS or not.

What else do you think is helpful? Despite dealing with PCOS what else makes you feel strong? Don’t forget to share your story with us.







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