4 Things You Should Never Search on Google, Or You Will End Up in Jail

Find out about the Google searches that could lead you to jail.


Google is undoubtedly the most popular search engine on the internet. Since its inception it has completely destroyed the other search engines to become the world’s most popular place to find anything or everything on internet. You can discover almost anything on Google and some of these things could even lead you go to jail. Google has strictly banned a few types of searches in accordance with the guidelines of various governments across the world. There are some searches which you should never perform on Google. Let’s find about them.


1. Ban on Search for Illegal Materials

You put yourself in danger when you conduct an illegal Google search. since the search engine giant Google has banned looking for illicit content. According to Google, offensive content pertaining to minors, images or videos that encourage violence, and hate speech are all prohibited.


2. Violating Google Policy Through Search

Google’s policies are already in place. Google tells you about its policies when you use it for the first time. Google grants permission for its use only after you agree to them. Google, however, has the right to prevent you from using its services if you break any of its rules. This covers a variety of topics, such as using improper language and making racial remarks.

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3. Ban on Downloading Malware

You are not authorized to download malware from Google. Software that has viruses in it is called malware. Additionally, Google prohibits the download of these kinds of programs. Google may charge you if you share such content or engage in such behavior. They also have the ability to ban you. Avoid downloading malware if you don’t want this to occur.

4. Doing Fraudulent Activities on Google

Google will ban you from the site if you commit any fraud. Participating in such activities may also result in jail time. Google forbids fraud of any kind. A lot of people try to use phony Google reviews or phishing attacks. They might also be fined if caught doing so.


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