Google Search Engine Stopped Showing ‘Unlimited’ Search Results, Now You Will Not Be Able To Do Infinite Scrolling!

Google is shutting down scroll search feature.


Google search engine is used a lot on the internet. Whenever we have to search something, we immediately remember Google. Recently the company has updated its search results page. Under this change, now you will not get the same experience as before when you search anything on Google.

If we have to search anything on the internet, then we immediately google it. It is the largest search engine in the world, which is used by billions of people. You must have noticed that when we search something on Google, many results come up simultaneously. If we do not like the top results, then we scroll down. The scrolling process never stops, we just keep scrolling. By clicking on ‘More Results’, you start seeing the search results again. This is Google’s infinite scroll search feature.


For the past few years, people all over the world have been taking advantage of this feature. However, now this feature is saying goodbye to you. Google has started removing the infinite scroll search feature from the search engine.

When did Infinite Scroll Search came?

This feature of Google is like a never ending social media feed on social media. The company launched the Infinite Scroll feature for mobile in October 2021. This feature was released for desktop users in late 2022. In the coming few months, the Infinite Scroll Search feature will also be removed from smartphone search results.

If there is no scrolling then how will the search results be seen?

Now the question arises that if unlimited search results are not visible then how will the Google search engine work. Actually, Google is coming back to its old ways. Just like the search results were visible through the first page, the company is bringing back the same feature again. Under this, when you search something, many pages will appear in the result. You can reach the search result by clicking on the page number as per your wish.

Google is removing this feature!

The option “More results” will come as a new feature for mobile users. By clicking on it, you will be able to see further search results. Google’s reason for discontinuing the infinite scroll feature in the search engine is that by removing this feature, the results will appear quickly. Till now, the results that the user does not want also appear automatically, but this will not happen after the update.

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