Simple Ways to Temporarily Dismiss New Netflix Password Sharing Check


During the lockdown, it was really difficult to spend time in our houses and Netflix was our savior in those days. Now, almost everyone in this world knows about Netflix and they also know that a Netflix account is secured with a password and the account can be shared among friends and families up to a certain limit. Sharing a Netflix account is much easier than buying it personally as it gets cheaper when the cost of a subscription is equally divided.

This is what bothering over-the-top content platform and production company since sharing of Netflix passwords has become one of the major reasons for revenue downfall and increment in the number of new subscribers. In order to upscale its membership, Netflix is going to take some necessary steps in such a way that it will majorly boost the addition of new members.

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Recently the OTT giant has made some amendments in its terms and conditions by adding a new clause which states that an account cannot be shared beyond the household. But it seems that a few budding minds of this world have found a way to bypass Netflix password sharing check.

Ways to bypass Netflix’s password sharing check

The first trick is once the pop-up message is visible on the screen, you will notice three options at the bottom. The first option says ‘email code’, you can simply select this option and can ask the owner of the account to share the code with you. After getting the code, next you will have to enter it and you will be able to reuse the app.

In case somehow this trick doesn’t work then we have the second trick which says ‘Text Code’. Again, you have to ask for the code and can resume using the streaming platform. Somehow if this also fails, then you just have to tap on ‘Verify Later’ that can be seen on the right side of the screen.

Few other things you need to keep in mind

In the coming future, the company might disable or limit the ability to skip verification. As the company is in a testing phase, so future checks might get much more uncompromising or the company might limit the number of times code is being shared.

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