Big Update in Google Maps: Get Accurate Info on EV Charging Stations Now!

Google releases new useful update for EV owners


The electric vehicle (EV) market in India isn’t as developed as it is in other countries, but it is growing rapidly. Just like diesel and petrol vehicles need fuel stations, electric vehicles require charging stations. Many major cities already have charging stations for electric vehicles, and more are being built in other cities. However, finding these stations can be challenging for people. To address this issue, Google is updating its Maps app to provide information about EV charging stations.

According to a new report, Google is beta testing a feature that will show charging stations for electric vehicles in Google Maps. After the beta testing is complete, Google will release a public update for Google Maps. This update will allow users to apply a filter to find charging stations.

Big Update in Google Maps: Get Accurate Info on EV Charging Stations Now!

The testing of this feature is currently happening on Android apps. Once this feature is available, users will be able to select their vehicle type while using Google Maps. Specifically, they can choose the “Electric” option. After selecting this option, the nearest charging stations will be displayed on the map. Google Maps will also incorporate AI support, which will provide information about the charging stations. Additionally, Google is preparing to offer real-time information about charging stations, and this feature is also in beta testing.

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In summary, the new update for Google Maps will make it easier for EV owners to find charging stations. Here’s a simple guide to how it will work:

  1. Google Maps Update:
  • Google is working on an update for Google Maps to include EV charging station information.
  • The update is currently in beta testing and will be released to the public after testing is complete.
  1. Finding Charging Stations:
  • Users will be able to use a filter in Google Maps to find EV charging stations.
  • This feature will be available in Android apps initially.
  1. Vehicle Type Option:
  • Users can select their vehicle type in Google Maps.
  • By choosing “Electric,” the map will display the nearest charging stations.
  1. AI Support:
  • Google Maps will use AI to provide detailed information about charging stations.
  • Real-time information about charging stations will also be available once the update is released.

This update will greatly benefit EV owners by making it easier to locate charging stations, especially in growing markets like India. The combination of Google Maps and AI will ensure that users have accurate and up-to-date information about the nearest charging stations, making EV travel more convenient.


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