Gmail Down Since 9:30 AM, Work From Home Employees Are Enjoying This Uncalled Holiday

Gmail Do

Google applications seldom sufferers from breakage and are not expected to go down that easily. But in recent events, the Gmail has been reported to be down for the better part of the day today.

The users started facing issues with Gmail and reported that there were problems sending, receiving emails. They also reported that the application shows an error when they tried to attach a document.

Gmail is the most used email service in the world, and from common folks to big industries rely on the Gmail network for their email needs. Which is why it caused a ruse when Gmail was reported to be down.

The problems started at 9:30 IST and users head to Downdetctecor, a website where you can report about the website which is malfunctioning. A large three stated and eventually google also took notice of the same.

They commented on the issue with “We are continuing to investigate this issue. We will provide an update by 8/20/20, 1:39 PM detailing when we expect to resolve the problem.”

Afterwhich the problems were sought to be resolved by their engineers. And they issued another update on the matter saying “We’re investigating reports of an issue with Gmail. We will provide more information shortly.”

Along with Gmail, other apps from Gsuite also started to malfunction such as Google Drive, Google Chat, Google Meet, Google Groups, Google Docs, Google Keep, and Google Voice.

The users did mention all those as well, but the primary focus was on Gmail, due to the fact the Gmail is a very necessary entity for almost everyone.

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In all this, how can you expect twitteratis, to not indulge in the matter, which is exactly what they did after the news broke out.

Now, if you’re already laughing at the twitter memes then one more thing, that the Gmail is back at its full working capacity. What effected the application is still unknown but it’s expected to say that its a server inability issuer or something related.

Now, if you’re someone who lives under a rock and was probably not in accordance with what happened. Then you need to go and check your Gmail now, for you might have missed many important messages, thinking that today is a light workday.

Well! it’s not the first time that we’re seeing such an outage and recently, applications like Whatsapp, Twitter and Quora, and many others are facing the same issues.

The cause is unknown for sure but we do know that big servers need constant maintenance and no company is functioning at their full potential, so mishaps like these are expected.

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