15 Best Malayalam Romantic Movies on OTT Platforms

Here Is The List Of Best Malayalam OTT Platforms


Enjoy the 15 Best Malayalam Romantic Movies available on your preferred OTT platforms while you indulge in the full spectrum of emotions. These films are excellent examples of how Malayalam cinema captures love’s many nuanced aspects. 

Best Malayalam Romantic Movies on OTT Platforms

This anthology presents a broad spectrum of romantic narratives, each leaving an unforgettable impact on the heart, from uplifting stories of young love to adult romances revived. As we discover the best Malayalam romance available for streaming, come along on a cinematic trip through love, humour, and tragic moments.

15 Best Malayalam Romantic Movies on OTT Platforms

1. Hridayam:

Arun, a young man from Kerala, enrols in a college of engineering in Chennai and falls in love with Darshana through various emotions as the film follows his journey. The film examines how their relationship develops over different stages of life and how they deal with the difficulties and rewards of being in a loving relationship.

  • Ott Platform: Disney + Hotstar

2. Kappela:

A country girl named Jessy, who overhears a phone call from an auto rickshaw driver named Vishnu and falls in love with him, is the subject of this social drama thriller. Things become serious when she meets Roy, a new man with a hidden goal.

  • Ott Platform: Netflix

3. Premam:

While a man’s first love ends up being a letdown, a college lecturer reignites his passion; his romantic journey leads him through several stages and aids in his quest for meaning.

  • Ott Platform: Disney + Hotstar

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4. Anuragam:

Three parallel love tales are shown in Anuragam. Aswin (Aswin Jose) is in love with Janani (Gouri K Kishan), a former classmate and now a close friend. He tries to charm Janani and win her heart but in vain.

  • Ott Platform: Prime Video

5. Kumbalangi Nights:

Four brothers play the main characters in the movie, and they all reside in the Kumbalangi village in a small, run-down cottage. Both their father, who long ago abandoned them, and their connection with one another are strained. Their romantic interests are also featured in the movie, and the movie shows how they deal with social and personal obstacles.

  • Ott Platform: Prime Video

6. Ennu Ninte Moideen:

Despite their traditional circumstances, two famous families’ children fall in love. The two lovers face pressure from their families, societal norms, and blind arrogance when their interreligious relationship is resisted.

  • Ott Platform: Disney + Hotstar

7. Maniyarayile Ashokan:

In the movie, Ashokan, a village office worker eager to wed but has numerous challenges because of his unfortunate horoscope and small stature, shares his story. Despite trying to find a suitable girlfriend, he falls for several girls. 

He even resorted to marrying a plantain tree on an astrologer’s recommendation to find a solution. But he quickly understands that he is imagining things and must confront reality. 

  • Ott Platform: Netflix

8. Neelakasham Pachakadal Chuvanna Bhoomi:

On a road trip, two of their closest friends, one of whom finds love, the other of whom is returning to his sweetheart. They encounter numerous difficulties along the way, but they also meet some exciting characters.

  • Ott Platform: Disney + Hotstar

9. Madhuram:

In a government hospital, people like Sabu, Thaju, and Ravi are waiting for the care of a loved one. They support one other and gain knowledge from each other’s lives despite their pain over lost loved ones.

  • Ott Platform: Sony Liv

10. Ohm Shanthi Oshaana:

A brave young lady would be spared no effort in pursuing her true love, even if it took seven years and countless heartbreaks.

  • Ott Platform: Disney + Hotstar

11. Mudhal Nee Mudivum Nee:

A group of high school students in a strict Catholic school in the 1990s manages to deal with the challenges that teens face daily. Watch the ZEE5 Exclusive movie Mudhal Nee Mudivum Nee.

  • Ott Platform: Zee 5

12. 100 days of Love:

When columnist Balan and his former classmate Sheela finally reunite after a long absence, they fall in love. However, his joy is short-lived when he finds out that she is engaged to someone else.

  • Ott Platform: YouTube 

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13. Njan Prakashan:

Prakashan wants to travel the world and live a luxurious life, but his ex-girlfriend takes advantage of him. Prakashan discovers the actual purpose and worth of life after returning home.

  • Ott Platform: Netflix

14. Love Action Drama:

Shoba, who Dineshan loves, wants them to get married, but she wants him to stop drinking and smoking first. Will love prevail, although it’s easier said than done?

  • Ott Platform: MX Player

15. Oru Adaar Love:

An 18-year-old starts dating a classmate with the aid of his friends. He falls in love with his best buddy due to an occurrence that separates them, though.

  • Ott Platform: Prime Video

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