Movie Time: 6 Best cinemas for movie lovers in Noida

Movie Time: 6 Best cinemas for movie lovers in Noida

When it comes to enjoyment, going to see a fantastic movie with delicious popcorn is a clear choice. A good movie can provide more than just amusement; it can also make you feel more prepared to face life’s problems and take a break from your monotonous routine, which is essential. We’ve compiled a list of cinemas in Noida where you can have a pleasurable and stress-free movie experience.

Here is the list of Best Cinemas in Noida:

  1. PVR Cinema (Logix City Centre Mall)

PVR Cinema in Noida

This is one of the largest PVR cinemas ever built in Noida, and it has a plethora of options. It has 15 screens with a gold class segment, one IMAX screen, one 4DX screen, 9 main screens, and the Playhouse – a 49-seater screen specially built for children which are located on the 2nd floor. Click here to book tickets.

  1. 7D Experience & Carnival Cinemas

7D movie experience in Noida

GIP(The Great India Place) in Sector 38, Noida, gives not just one but two excellent choices.

The first choice is an extraordinary 7D experience that makes you feel like you’ve walked into a film. Aside from the three-dimensional, expect seven unique effects to surprise you into a spectacular experience with a maximum seating capacity of 16. We don’t want to spoil your fun. Therefore, we will not disclose what all the effects are, and it will come as a surprise to you.

Carnival Cinemas in Noida will stay on top regarding seeing the latest movies. The major multiplex network takes pride in providing 100 % satisfaction. Couples should not miss the ebony lounge, which has all super duper pairs of recliners plus curtains as separators between two couches to provide enough privacy. Do check out their show schedule and ticket prices here.

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  1. PVR ECX (DLF Mall of India) 

PVR ECX in Noida

PVR ECX is in Sector 18, Noida. The latest movie or videos in a VR theatre; make your choice because this PVR has both experiences to offer, so you can always go for both – it won’t punch a hole in your wallet either, because movie tickets start at ₹ 200 and VR tickets start only at Rs 100. It is one of the best cinemas in Noida with the lowest price tickets available. Click here to view the show schedule and book tickets.

  1. The Wave Cinemas ( Center Stage Mall)

Wave cinema in Noida

This fantastic cinema is located in Noida’s Sec 18 area. All movie fans can fulfil their desires at this five-screen cinema, which is less crowded and additionally has comfortable seats and excellent audio quality. You can also visit their platinum lounge for a premium cinematic experience. Click here to view the show schedule and make bookings.

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  1. Cinepolis ( The Grand Venice Mall)

Cinepolis- 3D movie experience

Gondola adventures aren’t the only thing to do in this mall. Cinepolis, located within this Venice-themed mall, is a great, low-cost choice with 5 screenings, comfortable seats, as well as on-call service. Click here to view the show schedule and book tickets.

  1. Inox (MSX Mall)

Inox (MSX Mall)

This is a 100 percent family cinema venue in Greater Noida, with the cheapest recliner seat in the place. Inox is very tidy and well-kept. The screen projection and picture quality are first class. The lowest price shows are available on Sunday mornings. Furthermore, the 3D quality is excellent. And the audio system is perfect. Click here to book tickets in this one of the lowest price cinemas in Noida.


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