10 Reasons Why Momos Are Bad For You


If you are told to pick one of your favorite dishes, what would it be? Most of your answers would be momos, right? For most of you, you didn’t even have to think twice before saying your answer. 

Momos are everyone’s favorite. No matter where you are, what time it is, you can never say no to momos. Whether you are out with your family or chilling with your friends, a plate of hot steaming momos will surely be there. 

Momos Are Affecting Your Health Negatively
Momos Are Affecting Your Health Negatively

How Does Momo Affect Your Health?

We all consume momo frequently. Although it surely tastes really good, you need to take a step back before eating another plate of it. 

Why? Momos are made up of many ingredients and a specific way. And some of these ingredients can be really harmful to your health. 

Here are ten reasons why you should try avoiding moms because they are not healthy. 

Use Of Maida To Make The Dough

The dough that is used to make the momo coverings is one of the most important ingredients for sure. 

But, have ever thought of what this dough is made of? The momo’s dough is made up of maida. And maida is an ingredient that is best when avoided. 

Maida is very difficult to digest and often accumulates in our stomach. This results in many stomach issues and digestion difficulties. 

Use Of Chemically Made Dough

The dough for making the momo coverings are made with flour. And, this flour is treated with chemicals such as Azodicarbonamide, Chlorine gas, Benzoyl Peroxide and other types of bleaches as well.  

Now, these chemicals hen consumes frequently can harm your liver, and pancreas and even cause diabetes in some cases. 

Momos May Contain MSG

Many cooks often use MSG when making momos. If you don’t know what MSG is? Well, it stands for Momo-Sodium Glutamate. 

MSG often lead to obesity. Furthermore, obesity can cause many other health issues that may include nervous disorder, heart-related problems, palpitations, nausea and many more. 

Consumption Of Tapeworms May Happen

You might be thinking how can you consume tapeworms if you are eating momos, right? 

Yes, it’s cabbages and carrots. Cabbages are the most common vegetable that is used to make the fillings in the momos. And if vegetables like cabbages and carrots are not cooked thoroughly then bacteria of tapeworms are formed. 

For making the momo fillings, cabbages are mostly used.

So, when you eat this bacteria-filled momo, the tapeworms enter your body. And can reach your brain. This can cause life-threatening conditions as well. 

Unhygienic Vegetables

You don’t know what quality of vegetables is used by the cooks. It may also happen that the vegetables used are not cleaned or cooked properly. 

Unwashed and unhygienic vegetables contain different bacteria that can cause serious health issues. 

Use Of Low-Quality Meat

There are many types of moms, veg and non-veg. As per reports, many times the meat used in the non-veg momos is often of unsatisfactory quality. 

The meats used in a few places are made of dead animals. Moreover, this type of meat is used because of its low price rate. But, this can cause harm to your health. 

Use Of Dog Meat

According to many reports, many momo vendors often use dog meat in their fillings. This type of momo is something that you wouldn’t want to eat, right? 

So, you need to be careful of where you are eating momos. Otherwise, your health may suffer adversely. 

Momos May Contain Faecal Matter

Yes, you read this correct. Your moms may also contain some faecal matter. Moreover, this happens especially in places like Delhi and Mumbai.

Moreover, according to these reports, the content of the faecal matters in these food items has crossed the permissible coliform levels. 

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The Spicy Dip With Momos

Spicy food items are good for your health. But, if you consume non-processed chilli powder then that may be harmful to your body. 

Additionally, overconsumption of spicy food may lead to bleeding haemorrhoids or even piles. 

Use Of Excessive Oils

From deep frying to making their fillings, cooks use oil when making momos. Furthermore, any type of momo uses oils. 

And we all know how oils are not good for our health. Consumption of oil often leads to problems like cholesterol, digestive issues, heart problems, and many more. 


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