Five Top Pet-Friendly Cafes In Mumbai That You Should Visit


Do you have a pet? So, you must definitely be wondering if there are some places apart from parks where you can take your pet. 

Spending a date with your pet in some cafes or restaurants places sounds amazing, right? But, finding a café where pets are allowed becomes difficult. 

Pet-Friendly Cafes In Mumbai
Pet-Friendly Cafes In Mumbai

Pet-Friendly Cafes In Mumbai

So, here are five top cafes in Mumbai that are pet-friendly. 

Souffle S’il Vous Plait

This pet-friendly café is in South Mumbai. Here you can bring your pet and together you can enjoy a French eatery for as long as you like. 

Sound heavenly, right? This café offers you an outdoor sitting area that is best for you and your tiny friend as well. 

And if you visit this café, make sure to try their pistachio croissant, buttermilk fried chicken burger, Croque monsieur as well. 

Woodside Inn 

This is another pet-friendly café located in Andheri. You should definitely add this café to your list. Here you will get a relaxed environment for you and your pet. 

In this café, you will get a very cozy décor, wooden interior and top-quality service. If you visit this place try their Shakshuka Benedict, Crispy Fried Potato Skins, Grilled Harissa, and many more. 

The Bagel Shop

This is another pet-friendly café you should visit with your pet located in Bandra. Here, your pets will have a wide variety of options to choose from as well.

The Bagel Shop is one of the most popular pet-friendly cafes in Mumbai.  Some of their famous dishes you should try here are their Bagel Oatmeal Smoothie Bowl, Watermelon Feta Salad, and Smoked Chicken Ham Bagel Sandwich. 

Deli By The Blue

Deli By The Blue is another very popular pet-friendly café in Mumbai. This is so popular for their services to the customer’s pets and their owners that you need to visit this café at least once. 

From a variety of menus for your pet, you can choose your pet’s favorite dish. But make sure to try their vegan cheese dip, roasted peppers, pepperoni pizza and cold coffee also. 

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Doolally Taproom

If you have a pet and you like visiting pet-friendly cafes in Mumbai, then you must have surely heard about the Doolally Taproom. It is located both in Andheri and Kher. 

No matter when you visit this café, you will always find at least three to four pets. This café serves special meals for your pet like rice and chicken, and ice cream. Moreover, the first portion of your pet’s meal is absolutely free. 

As, if you are thinking of visiting the Dolally Taproom, the best time is on National Dog Day. On this day, this café hosts a ‘Pupper Party’ for all the pets as well. 

So, don’t wait for any more. Take your pet to these pet-friendly cafes in Mumbai. And both you and your pet will have an amazing time in these cafes. 


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