Best Chaat Places In Bangalore That You Cannot Miss

Best Chaat Places In Bangalore That You Cannot Miss
Best Chaat Places In Bangalore That You Cannot Miss

Chaat is one of those food items that you can never say no to. Whenever you hear about chaat, you crave your favorite chaat, right? And you all know some of the best chaat places that you visit frequently. 

And, there is always a few chaat spots that you keep going back to, isn’t it? This is because of the exceptional chaats that they have to offer. 

Best Chaat Places In Bangalore
Best Chaat Places In Bangalore

Best Chaat Places In Bangalore

Every place has some amazing chaat places, and so does Bangalore. This city has many places that offer you very special and unique chaats that you’ve ever had. 

Well, here is a list of a few best chaat places in Bangalore that you cannot miss. 


Gangotree is one of the best places to have chaats in Bangalore. If you are a chaat then you must have surely heard of this place. 

You will exceptional chaats here be it aloo chaat, bhel puri or anyother chaat. Interestingly, Gangotree is also known for its amazing Rasgulla Chaat. So, if you ever visit Gangotree make sure to try their Rasgulla Chaat.


Chaatimes is another chaat place that you need to add to your list. This chaat place has six outlets through Bangalore. 

Moreover, Chaatimes is famous for its chatpata chaat. Additionally, you will have a really hygienic experience here. 

When you visit the Chaatimes make sure to try their Khatti Meethi Chaat, Palak Chaat, and also their kid’s special chaat. This place also offers a home-delivery system through Swiggy and Zomato. 

Anand Sweets And Savouries

The Anand Sweets and Savouries are famous for their sweets and methais. But, they are also known for their special chaats as well. 

This place offers you some of the best North Indian Style chaats that you cannot miss at all. Among their various chaat varieties, you will surely love their samosa chaat, kachori chaat and Dahi Bhalla. 

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Nandi Chats

If you are craving some South Indian chaat, Nandi Chats is your go-to place in Bangalore. And no matter when you visit this place, it is always crowded because of the delicious chaats it offers. 

One of their most famous chaats is their Masala Puri. So, definitely try the Masala puri when you visit Nandi Chats. 

Apart front these, you can also visit Kartik’s Mithai Shop, Karnataka Bhel house also in Bangalore. These places also offer really tasty chaats that will bring you back here again and again. 

So, what are you waiting for? Visit these chaat places in Bangalore as soon as you can. 

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