Avoid Eating These 5 Foods during Rainy Season to Prevent Stomach Discomfort, Daytime Distress & Restless Nights

Special care should be taken about food and drink in this season, otherwise stomach infection can occur. There is a risk of contamination in some foods during the rainy season and people can get sick by consuming them.


The weather becomes pleasant in the rainy season and people have a lot of fun. Rain brings relief from the scorching heat of many months, but it also brings many troubles with it. In this season, viruses, bacteria and fungus wreak havoc. It becomes very difficult to stay healthy in the rainy season. Especially people should not be careless about food and drink. Doing this can spread infection in the stomach and can worsen health. Here in this article, we will tell you about some such foods, which should be avoided in monsoon.

Avoid Eating These 5 Foods during Rainy Season to Prevent Stomach Discomfort, Daytime Distress & Restless Nights

According to several dieticians the risk of contamination in food and drink increases in the rainy season, due to which many types of infections start spreading. Whatever we eat in the rain, it has a direct effect on the health of the stomach. Many foods should be avoided in monsoon, otherwise problems can arise. Many things including street foods, non-veg and cut fruits should be avoided in the rainy season. Consuming these things can cause stomach problems. People of all ages should eat fresh and homemade food in the rainy season.


Avoid These 5 Foods in the Rainy Season

– Street foods like golgappas, chaat and pakoras should be avoided in the rainy season. Consuming junk foods is also harmful for health. There is a high risk of contamination in these foods, which can cause gastrointestinal infection.

– In this season, fried snacks like samosas, pakoras and fries taste delicious, but they can be heavy on the stomach. These foods can cause indigestion. Excessive consumption of fried foods can cause digestive problems.

– Non-veg and especially seafood should be avoided in the rain. If these foods are not cooked with care and cleanliness, then many diseases can spread. People should avoid eating these things in this season.

– Contamination may occur in cut fruits in the market or on the roadside and due to this, one should avoid buying pre-cut fruits in this season. Consuming these fruits can cause stomach infection. This needs to be avoided.

– Sprouted grains are considered beneficial for health, but sprouts should be avoided during the rainy season. Sprouts can easily get contaminated with bacteria while soaking in water overnight. In such a situation, do not eat them raw and eat them only after cooking.

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