8 Simple Ways to get Starbucks Coffee for free


Some days, all you want to do is rush into Starbucks and take a fast cup of coffee to get your day going. Or maybe you just want a delicious cold drink to chill you off. But, being economical, you would not want to keep paying every time this arises. So, how can you receive free Starbucks beverages?


Starbucks is one of our most costly vices, but it doesn’t have to be. We’ve discovered a plethora of tips and tactics to help you save money and even obtain refreshments.

Here is a list of the 8 Simple Ways/tricks to get Starbucks Coffee for free

  1. Join the Starbucks Reward System.

Starbucks Rewards Program participants are entitled to numerous rewards, some of which are listed below. It’s simple and free to sign up on the Starbucks webpage by entering your email address. Begin using those Stars as soon as you obtain them because they exhaust 6 months following the calendar month in which they were gained.

  1. Earn Coffee with the help of Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a free prize site where you can earn cash for completing easy tasks. Free Starbucks gift vouchers are available. Get prizes by watching videos, taking surveys, exploring the web, playing games, and doing other simple tasks. You can exchange your rewards for prizes such as gift cards. You may be concerned about if such a website is a fraud, but We can assure you that Swagbucks is authentic.

  1. Receive free refills

To take benefit of this reward, you must be a Starbucks Rewards member and utilize the Starbucks Application or your Starbucks Card. During the same shop visit, you can get complimentary refills of hot or iced brewed tea or coffee. If you walk out the door or go to another store, that does not count and you must buy a fresh beverage. Before obtaining your beverage, you must scan your membership barcode in the App, and then again when requesting a refill. Alternatively, you can purchase with your Starbucks card and then check it again when you want a refill.

Get Free Starbucks Coffee Refill

  1. You can get a complimentary birthday coffee.

More reason to rejoice! To receive a free cup of Starbucks coffee on your birthday, you must be a participant in the Starbucks Reward Program. You can get a homemade beverage, a snack item, or a ready-to-drink canned beverage for your birthday. Register the reward program at least 7 days before your birthday, enter your birth date, and complete at least one Star-earning purchase before your birthday each year. That shouldn’t be too difficult, right? Whether you are unable to visit a Starbucks during your celebration, contact Starbucks customer support to see if the offer can be extended.

  1. Install the Starbucks app.

Download the Starbucks mobile app and keep an eye on the Rewards area to avoid missing out on deals and promotions. As a Starbucks Rewards user, you may be eligible for unique perks and promos such as early or extended availability of special menu options and purchase discounts. To obtain these, you must use the Starbucks Application or purchase with your Starbucks Card. Another benefit of the app is the ability to order ahead of time and pay by smartphone, making your coffee run even quicker.

Here’s the link to Download Starbucks App on Android

  1. Enjoy Starbucks games

Starbucks occasionally features games where you may have fun while earning points. Starbucks launched its Earth Month Game in April 2021, allowing Starbucks Rewards users to win more than 2.5 million items. Despite it may appear that you must purchase something to participate in games, you do not. You can join for free if you do not make a purchase.


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  1. Earn points for Starbucks products purchased at the grocery store

Did you realize that Starbucks grocery products can earn you points? It operates as follows: Keep your ticket for eligible Starbucks products when you go grocery shopping. Log in: Sign in to your Starbucks Rewards profile and provide your email and phone address to enable Receipt Verification. Earn Stars by uploading a picture(s) of a receipt from an eligible product acquisition.

  1. Look for Promos

Starbucks has numerous promotions that allow you to earn extra points and products. Don’t be concerned if you miss one. Another one will appear soon. This is one of my favorite promotions I’ve ever seen. Purchase one drink and receive one free at Starbucks during Happy Hour. Make sure you’re using the application so you can know when the next Happy Hour is.

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