Why You Should Visit Saudi Arabia at Least Once in Your Lifetime

Here are some compelling reasons to visit Saudi Arabia in 2024.


The land of spirituality, adventures, historical significance, amazing architecture, diversity, delicious mouthwatering cuisines, and much more, Saudi Arabia is still one of the most underexplored tourist destinations in the world. Since opening its doors to tourists from all across the world in 2019, Saudi Arabia has emerged as one of the most sought-after places to visit right now. Saudi Arabia will appear to be heaven to you if you are someone who loves peace, good food, and calming vibes or if you love partying and adventures. The place has something to offer everyone. Whoever comes here does not go back without stories to tell. This article covers the best reasons to visit Saudi Arabia in 2024.

Historical Marvels

Reasons to visit Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia’s beautiful monuments are definitely one of the biggest reasons to visit the country in 2024. The place harbours a wealth of historical sites, including ancient ruins, archaeological treasures, and UNESCO World Heritage sites. You can choose to explore the Nabatean city of Al-Hijr (Madain Salih), the rock art of Hail Region, the historic city of Jeddah and much more. There is no shortage of historical marvels in this beautiful land.

Fascinating Architecture

Saudi Arabia architecture

You must have heard of the various news that come out once every three months regarding the architectural plans of Saudi Arabia and its leaders. Without a speck of doubt, Arabian cities are developing at a rapid pace, and some of the most fascinating architectural works have been created in the cities of Jeddah and Riyadh in Saudi Arabia. There are various plans in motion, and one of them is about building a new city that runs totally on sustainable energies. Saudi Arabia is paving the way in the world of architecture, and for that reason, it is a must-visit country.

Natural Beauty

Saudi Arabia mountains

Saudi Arabia is not just famous for its beautiful monuments and architectural prowess. The country is also known for its diverse landscapes, which will make it a unique place to visit in 2024. From the stunning Red Sea coastline and the Empty Quarter (Rub’ al Khali) desert to the Asir Province with its mountains and lush greenery, Saudi Arabia offers a variety of natural beauty that is hard to find anywhere else in a single place in the world.

Cultural Diversity

Reasons to visit Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is home to people from all across the world. Many Indians, Pakistanis, Americans, Britishers and people belonging to a lot of different regions are now working and living permanently in Saudi Arabian cities. So, no matter where you are, you will feel a sense of belonging in the country. And if you are looking for an opportunity to work and shine, then Saudi Arabia is one of the best places to be, as there is no dearth of opportunities. The country can completely transform your life for the better. Surely, this is a compelling reason to visit Saudi Arabia in 2024.

Ultimate Adventures

Saudi Arabia adventures

If you are a thrill seeker who loves to go on unforgettable adventures that result in stories to tell for ages, then Saudi Arabia is the place to be in 2024. You can easily try a lot of thrilling outdoor activities like hiking, rock climbing, diving, and dune bashing in the vast deserts of Saudi Arabia. An adventurous soul would love the place for its exhilaration and vigour.

A Mix of Modernism and Tradition


Saudi Arabia has developed quite a bit and has become more modern than a lot of developing countries across the world. Riyadh is now called a hub of concerts, events and nightlife. There are also several theme parks, cultural festivals, and entertainment complexes all around the country for everyone’s entertainment. However, despite that, the country has managed to preserve its traditional significance. It offers a compelling mix of modernism and tradition that gives everyone a good reason to visit Saudi Arabia in 2024.

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Flavourful Cuisine

Saudi Arabia Food

Saudi Arabian cuisine is heaven for non-veg lovers. From traditional staple foods to a wide variety of soups, stews, grilled meat dishes, seafood, desserts, beverages and more, Saudi Arabia offers it all. Don’t get disheartened if you are someone who loves only vegetarian food, as there are multiple options in that regard as well. Also, you can find restaurants in the country offering Indian, Japanese, Korean, and many other cuisines from all over the world.

Home to Spirituality


Saudi Arabia is home to Mecca and Medina, the holy places which every Muslim wants to visit at least once in their lifetime. Mecca hosts the Kaaba, a structure built by the prophets Abraham and Ishmael. Meanwhile, Medina is the final resting place of Prophet Muhammad’s tomb. Both the places are revered by Muslims all over the world, and tourists are definitely attracted by that. This is surely a must-visit if you are a Muslim tourist travelling to Saudi Arabia. Unfortunately, there are restrictions imposed on people belonging to any other religion than Muslim.

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