Zomato Pro: New Features like ‘Money-Back Guarantee’ & More

Zomato Pro Features

The Indian food ordering platform Zomato today introduced a fresh package of the Zomato Pro membership account on its food delivery app. As per the latest reports, the company is shifting all the previous Zomato Gold users into the new category.  

Zomato CEO Deepinder Goyal shared the official news via his Twitter account. “This is in addition to some never-seen-before exclusive privileges on the Zomato app and a unique money-back guarantee for all Pro members,” the tweet read. 

According to the official news, the Zomato Pro users will get a plethora of exciting cool features and upgrades ranging from money-back guarantee and instant food delivery services from newly registered bars, lounges, hotels, and restaurants. 

The Delhi-based food tech unicorn startup shared that the previous Zomato Gold members can now explore the Zomato Pro features from August 1. And these users, who are spread across 10 countries, will be getting a wide range of features at no added costs. 

Zomato Pro Membership

Delivery Priority Support to Zomato Pro Users

The Zomato Pro users will get the superior place while placing their orders. As per the exclusive delivery offer, any Zomato Pro user will be placed at top of the real-time ordering queue. 

This means that every Zomato Valet will serve a Pro order with more superiority. “This will lead to your orders getting delivered 15-20% faster (on average) than what you experience right now during peak dinner times,” Goyal said. 

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Avail the ‘Money-Back Guarantee’ on Zomato 

The news also shared a prominent solution to the ‘Money-Back Guarantee’ feature on the Zomato app. If a user is unable to save 2x the subscription fee of Zomato Pro within their subscription period, they can now get a refund without any hassle. 

Zomato will automatically refund a user’s subscription fee at the end of the year. “No questions will be asked and customer satisfaction will be maintained,” the post concluded. Meanwhile, the ‘Money-Back’ option is available for only Zomato Pro/Gold members; both new and renewed. 

The Zomato Gold membership subscription was priced at Rs 1,800 for 12 months and Rs 999 for 6 months. But with new exciting offers, the company is giving the Zomato Gold membership at Rs 1,620 only. Zomato, in May, has also offered all Gold users an additional 4-months renewal for free. 


You can now order alcohol on Zomato and Swiggy

Recently, the two biggest food delivery platforms of India announced the decision to deliver alcohol via their service. This was a major decision and could act as a helping hand to many states who suffered huge losses in the annual revenues during the COVID-19 lockdown. 

The government of West Bengal has allowed the two companies to share the approved amount of booze in the state. Following the regulation of the West Bengal government, several others have also considered giving a green light to alcohol distribution online. 

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