8 pocket-friendly places to have sushi in Delhi NCR


Many of us are passionate about sushi food, so we’re always looking for the most popular places to eat whenever we travel somewhere new. But it isn’t easy to find pocket-friendly restaurants to have sushi in Delhi. The sushi will surprise you with its amazing appearance and addictive taste. If your love of sushi knows no boundaries, then call your bestie right away because we have the ideal dinner plans for you. Sushi has always been a weakness for us Delhiites, thus we’ve compiled a list of budget-friendly restaurants that serve sushi for you. So, go check these out as soon as possible and enjoy the most divine of sushi meals.

Here is a list of the 8 pocket-friendly places to have sushi in Delhi NCR

  1. Yum Yum Cha

Yum Yum Cha, a 42-seater casual dining restaurant in Saket’s busy Select Citywalk Mall, deviates from the luxurious cliché of a Japanese restaurant. This Yum Yum Tree family expansion emanates a lively, cheerful vibe and has one of the city’s largest sushi offerings. YYC’s kitchen produces freshly made and precisely balanced sushi, a creatively displayed and reasonably priced Nigiri Sushi Tree, and a mean California Roll. Their new Enoki Tempura is also delicious. The Yum Yum team has built another cuisine worthy of repeat visits and a devoted following from the state’s first sushi roller belt to our inaugural origami-themed eatery.

  1. Wasabi By Morimoto

Wasabi By Morimoto one of the best sushi places

Wasabi By Morimoto is a famed four-star Japanese restaurant. This is one location you don’t want to miss out on if you’re looking for good Sushi places in Delhi NCR. With luxurious decor and a pleasant aura, this restaurant is ideal for nighttime escapes. They have a superb team that is always willing to help. The best sushi in Delhi can be found here, including Ebi, Botan Ebi, Kani, Ohtoro, Chutoro, and many others. It is without a doubt one of the top Japanese eateries in Delhi visit this amazing restaurant right now for a memorable lunch.

  1. Town Hall

Town Hall is a popular choice for individuals who want to enjoy sushi while having as much fun as possible! Chef Augusto Cabrera of Town Hall is world-renowned for his distinctive sushi rolls. The restaurant serves contemporary global cuisine, and you’ll have a hard time deciding which sushi alternatives you like. The large bar is the center point of this eatery, but the sushi is the highlight of the evening. Get the Ebi Tempura, Rainbow Roll, Tanuki Salmon, Atlantic with Philadelphia cheddar, and Combination to see why we’re so excited. With a soy onion sauce on top, their Tuna Tataki appears to melt in the mouth.

  1. Sushiya

This was India’s first and sole original sushi takeaway place, thus it already has its legacy uniting every sushi fan since 2007! You’re undoubtedly already aware of the small red and black sign that can be found at every major mall in the city. These people specialized in Sushi before it became popular. And their cuisine offers a variety of alternatives that would be nothing short of a paradise on a platter for any die-hard sushi fan.

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  1. Sushi Junction

Sushi Junction food items

Sushi Junction receives the category for getting sushi when you can’t manage to go out and go eating because you’re either too occupied at work, having a small fiesta at the house, or are just too damn sleepy to get out of your jammies. Their menu is the ideal combination of sushi, main dishes, combo meals, and every type of variant worth tasting. While their services are usually excellent, it is their sushi that has you awaiting the dish before it arrives. Sushi Junction is exclusively committed to take-out and services in the surrounding areas, and they are doing quite well in this aspect.

  1. Dao

Dao is like joining the land of everything sushi. And the world is small, but the culinary alternatives are plentiful! And that is the ideal mix because you know you want to stay here and enjoy your beloved sushi forever from the moment you arrive in. It’s all about delicious real Thai food, 30+ dim meals, and sushi cooked from sumptuous ingredients imported particularly from Japan. The meal menu is complemented by a diverse drink menu developed by one of the country’s greatest mixologists.

  1. The Fatty Bao

The Fatty Bao, which is operated by the Olive company, is a colorful product that is strongly based on both fun and quality. Innovative Asian cuisine, a sexy bar, and excellent service make it the ideal spot for a light lunch, a leisurely day, or an evening get-together with pals, complete with cold cocktails and lively music. It’s without a doubt one of the best places to try sushi in Delhi NCR with a variation.

  1. Big Wong Xl

Big Wong XL is a well-known and well-liked establishment with a loyal following of customers who return for its relaxed atmosphere and delicious meals at reasonable prices. It’s a pleasant location to hang out and get the most of the cuisine, which is what We prefer; additionally, the fact that there are many locations just makes it easier to get there from other parts of town.

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