Whatsapp new feature to support multi-device login but when?

It’s been quite some time that the news regarding the multi-device support feature in the upgrade of the Facebook-owned messaging app, Whatsapp will grace the market.


But it was all rumor as WhatsApp didn’t make any official statement regarding this feature. But a blog that has been following up on this rumor has reported that Whatsapp is currently working on a call configuration in this feature when it will be on.

Whatsapp new feature to support multi-device login but when?

The tipster has said, that “Whatsapp has been testing since last week how calls will work on a different device for the same account. The process has picked up its speed to make this rumor into reality.

Earlier reports have given the details about this feature. As one report stated has that ‘Whatsapp is working on making it work in a way so that the users could link four devices at the same time and the main/head device won’t be needed to be connected to the internet.’ Unlike Whatsapp Web which needs to be connected to the internet for it’s to work.

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Other reports have stated that this multi-device support feature will be present in the app in the ‘Linked Device Section.’ Users will be able to link the other device by clicking on the ‘Link a new device’ option present in the tab. A toggle button will be added to enable or disable the feature. There would also be a list of the connected device along with the toggle button.

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Though there is no official announcement of the date to release this feature people are eagerly waiting for it to come to life. As it would make using WhatsApp easier and handier.


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