Whatsapp in 2020 :New Features of WhatsApp During the Year 2020


WhatsApp has completely altered the game of messaging app. WhatsApp in 2020 introduced new features and services that have changed the way how it was being used. Though some updates are the extensions of the previous services while some are entirely new. WhatsApp in 2020 brought out some of those features which are the key advantages of the app now.

WhatsApp in 2020

  • The Dark Mode: Though earlier dark mod was only limited to phones after an update to decrease the stress on eyes the dark mode has been extended to Computers/laptops.
  • QR Code: A new feature has been updated in Whatsapp whereas a user can add a contact through scanning a QR code. It is for the aim of adding contacts quickly and easily.
  • Group Video Call: This feature came at the right time to cater to the need of people stuck at their homes due to the Coronavirus pandemic. As now work for home has become a new normal Whatsapp group video call can add up to 8 people on a video call with an additional feature for a user to maximize the screen of the participant and pressing it.
  • Disappearing Messages: As the name suggest now in Whatsapp a message can disappear after 7 days in a chat. This feature has come to light in an attempt to respect the privacy of people’s private conversations and to reduce cluttering.

  • Mute Always: This is the much-needed upgrade for the users who love to keep their always ringing group message notifications. Earlier, the mute option was limited to a year but now you can mute a group indefinitely.
  •  Animated Stickers: Whatsapp introduces a new set of animated stickers to make the        conversation more fun and expressive.
  • Customisable Wallpaper: A user can customize his/her own wallpaper of a different chat. This feature is added to give chats more meaning as it depends from person to person.
  • Advanced Search option: users can now filter the search with photos, audio, video, GIFs, and also with links and documents through this option.

  • Redesigned storage management tool: With the new storage management tool users help in decluttering their WhatsApp chats, forwarded texts, videos, and pictures.
  • Whatsapp Payment: Whatsapp introduces WhatsApp paymentwith the National Payments Corporation of India in partnership (NPCI) using the Unified Payment Interface (UPI). It is supported by 160 banks a real-time payment system. Through this feature, WhatsApp wants to make the transaction as easy as chatting.

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