WhatsApp New Feature to Automatically Delete Unread Messages- Know How to Enable the Option

WhatsApp will soon help you get rid of the clutter of unread messages.


There are many WhatsApp messages that we are unable to open and thus remain unread. The unread messages pile up so high that it becomes difficult to access them. The good news is that WhatsApp is working to resolve this issue. In a future update, the company may give users the option to manage notifications for new messages. According to WABetaInfo, this update has been spotted in WhatsApp Beta for Android version, which is available on the Google Play Store.

WhatsApp New Feature to Automatically Delete Unread Messages- Know How to Enable the Option

When and Why WhatsApp is Releasing this New Feature?

WhatsApp is soon going to introduce a new feature that will make your work easier. Now, whenever you open WhatsApp, you won’t see the count of all the unread messages, which can often be quite bothersome. This feature is currently in development, but according to leaks, it will have an option to automatically hide the number of unread messages when you open the app. This will allow you to start fresh every time, and you will only see the messages that are yet to be read.

This feature is being introduced to ensure that you don’t see a large count of unread messages on your screen, reducing any psychological pressure. This way, you can focus easily on new and important messages.

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This new feature will be especially beneficial for users who receive a lot of messages, particularly in group chats that are constantly active. In group chats, there are often many unread messages, many of which may not be important at that moment. By automatically reducing the count of unread messages, users can see new messages first and manage their conversations more easily. This method prevents older, less important messages from hiding the newest chats, ensuring that users can see the most recent chats.

This new feature is currently in development. It is in a testing version where new features are tried out. This means it might take some time before it becomes available to everyone. WhatsApp has not officially announced anything about it yet, so we will have to wait a bit longer.


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