WhatsApp to Change the Full Interface: Here’s What to Expect from New Look

WhatsApp is set to introduce many new features


WhatsApp has announced a significant redesign for its mobile apps, including a darker dark mode and several platform-specific improvements for both Android and iPhone users. According to WhatsApp, the update prioritizes a more modern and user-friendly design.

WhatsApp to Change the Full Interface: Here's What to Expect from New Look

New Colours

One of the biggest changes is the ‘darker dark mode.’ Before deciding on the combination that reduces eye strain in low-light environments, WhatsApp experimented with over 35 different colour palettes. It builds upon the existing dark mode option, which is a popular feature among many users.


New Navigation

Android users will benefit from a new native bottom navigation bar, similar to what iOS users have had for some time. This bar provides quick access to the main sections of the app, including chats, calls, communities, and status updates.

New Options for Sending & Receiving Media on iPhone

For iPhone users, WhatsApp is improving the media attachment layout. The previous full-screen menu has been replaced with a compact expandable tray. This makes it easier to select options for sending photos, videos, documents, polls, and other media.

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Change in Background & Icon

The update also includes refreshing the app’s icons, adopting a more contemporary look with rounded and outlined styles. Additionally, there will be changes to the default chat background, although more details about the new design have not yet been revealed.

The new features are expected to arrive soon on WhatsApp.


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