Alert: Fake WhatsApp Support might steal your data and passwords

Cybercrimes are rising at an alarming rate with fake Windows 11 downloads stealing users browsing data and crypto information. Now, there is fake WhatsApp support that is stealing private data, login info, and significant passwords, including credit card info from the users.

How is fake WhatsApp support cheating users?


The hackers behind fake support send a message to the target user posing as the genuine WhatsApp makers and ask for personal and financial information. To strengthen their claim as genuine support these hackers set a profile picture that has WhatsApp’s logo and a blue tick on it.

The targeted user then becomes unable to distinguish between the fake and real ones and might end up compromising his/her personal details and data. Often these cyber frauds lead to financial trickery that can heavily impact the targeted users.

How to identify fake support?


By following some simple guidelines users can safeguard themselves against these hackers with ease. These are things that WhatsApp users must always keep in mind:

  • Always look for a verified blue tick beside the profile photo of the WhatsApp support you establish contact with.
  • If the support asks for any personal information or your WhatApp six-digit login code or any financial information relating to debit, credit cards, and UPI, block the support chat instantly cause WhatsApp never asks for such details.
  • Lastly, report the fake support, so WhatsApp can take required action against the hackers and better its security measures.

How to avoid cyber fraud?

The key to avoiding cyber fraud is by being vigilant at all moments while using internet-based applications and software.

First of all, whenever surfing the web don’t click on suspicious and unknown links.

Secondly, never share your private info and financial passwords with anyone.

Simply, following these guidelines can keep you safe from treacherous cyber frauds.

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