WhatsApp Might Remove Unlimited Backup Option Via Google Drive

WhatsApp Might Remove Unlimited Backup Option Via Google Drive

Whatsapp is one of the most used Instant messaging services across the world, and there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be, right? But one of the best features, which is the unlimited backup capability, might be at stake very soon.

Back in 2018, WhatsApp shook hands with Google so that their users could store an unlimited amount of backup data on the Google drive.

Whatsapp data backup

But it might be coming to an end, and especially after Google ended the unlimited quota for photos very recently, this comes as a next step in the pipeline from Google.

According to the WABetaInfo, which is renowned for its leaks on WhatsApp news, there will be a limit of 2000 MB per user for free chat backups.

This is quite less for some people as WhatsApp tends to take much more space than that, and you would agree if you’ve ever seen the size of the backup file it stores.

This decision has been a strategic step to downsize on their storage and maybe also start a monetization process with the allowance of additional data for the user’s backup.

One more thing, the new updates in Whatsapp where data limitations would be practices might come with backup options where you can select which data to keep in backups.

We have observed the same in WhatsApp beta, in which there was a segregated option for all that.

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So, you might only lose on the data that is unnecessary to you but heck! Some people do have a precious stack of memes as well, and they needed to be saved; otherwise, how would you get your daily dose of meme forwards, right?

Jokes aside, if you’ve not backed up your data yet, then it’s time that you do before you lose access to that. There might be time before the final changes take place, and till then, enjoy your last days of whatsapp unlimited backup.

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